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    I believe the nature of a person or people is revealed in part by their ability to poke fun at themselves and find humor in daily events.

    Satire, especially political satire, can be an effective means to make a point – a subtle and humorous vehicle to dramatize and draw attention.

    The “Indian store” is a classic example that addresses a serious issue the nations confront – such “stores” can be found in increasing abundance across the country and on the net.

    Selling indigenous arts and crafts isn’t something…

    • Thank you Marlene – as a people this is an issue we all need to address.
      First and foremost it should begin within our communities if our concerns
      are to be taken seriously – failing to do so and only going after the
      low hanging fruit marginalizes the positions we take giving the appearance
      of a double standard – one for “us” and another for “them”.

      • You’re very welcome, and I agree, and as we have conversed some, at length, I think you know why?
        For me, it’s a mix of things, including also the proper Sovereignty of The People of The Nations.
        But also, not ‘selling our souls’…and certainly not for fancied-up toilet paper that is not genuinely backed by anything of true, substantive Value.
        If we are seen as ‘sell outs’…well, then we’ll be treated as such, and the slow-healing wounds in the Spirit of our People, deepens and bleeds fresh.
        The double-standard is also a Big problem, one that would widen the long ago Divide between us and those descended from the Invaders, that we have seen slowly closing over the years and decades.
        But I think you’d agree, this is a Path we must walk with care, with eyes open for snarling braaches that can trip us as we learn to Stand & Walk again.
        We’ve spent enough time breathing trail dust on the ground, yes?

      • Notable personalities sold their souls decades ago, and in turn
        enriched themselves selling the soul of the nations.
        That any would see them as something other than what they are defies
        reason and logic.
        I doubt anyone can ever be all they aspire to be, but if you can’t or
        won’t walk the walk in addition to talking the talk all that remains is
        a charade.
        Divisions exist on every rez in this country between traditionals and
        “progressives”, I believe there is a middle ground to be found in that
        we can pursue those things progressive in nature that serve the economic
        and educational well being of all our people and remain grounded in tradition.
        Alcohol and drug abuse aren’t the only things we have been introduced to,
        greed, the adoption of the patriarchal mindset of reducing women to a secondary
        role, crime, and the installation of a microcosm of the same form of governance
        that the boat people brought to these shores featuring the same cronyism and
        Lot of “dust” raised yet to settle, and it all comes down to a matter of choices.

      • There is a way that Traditioal and New can meld, often to the benefit of Traditional. But, like with complex emtal alloys, it is not ‘simple’…but IS ‘Do-able’.
        That’s why I will do what I can towards that goal, and I know it’s not easy to walk that path, but it’s not easy being a Nurse looking after one who has been horribly mauled either….to me, that’s how it is, and to Recovery, or to Death, I will Stand with our Peoples, fight, work, and do what I can to teach others.
        What has poisoned us (as you mention above) can be dealt with, it will take time, but it can be done, and early signs show Promise up here of being able to Undo such and remove it from plaguing us generation after generation.
        Yes, it is all about Choices, and all we can really do is offer such, and those who choose to try a better way based on Tradition, tend to do well.
        Those who do not, well, in the end, every person helms the ship of their own Fate.

        It will be a long road ahead, but I can feel that the spirit of our people is up to it, it’s There….dormant from abuse and the horrors of the past…hibernating…but it will rouse with care and encouragement.
        And I won’t give up.
        So, our Peoples better get used to one very stubborn, dedicated 6’3 ‘Nurse’. 😀

      • Rather than throwing in the towel tenacity is the key word, examples are
        set by individuals that in turn lead others to do likewise.
        I had a man tell me once “if you can’t beat them, keep punching and outlast
        them”- and so I often encourage people to fight the good fight and keep punchin’,
        as we are definitely in the middle of a fight.
        Everything we have historically been remains within us, a genetic memory and
        predisposition, all we have to do is call upon it.
        There are good people doing good things the internet may never hear of, real
        elders whose wisdom and advice is worthy of being sought after.
        All things take time, every moment of every day should be capitalized upon,
        nothing should be left for others for to do, as we as a people are the antidote,
        not the government, AIM, or anyone else.

      • Again, all I can do is agree, as you sum things so beautifully and completely.
        That is how Husband and I see it, this is a log fight, and Determination, stamina, the Will to continue on no matter what…is the only way to ‘win’.
        Our Peoples are WORTH fighting for. I see it in Husband’s Uncle, who goes out, finding those little ones orphaned by poachers, trappers…Lynx, Foxes, etc.. He seeks them, makes sure they are indeed orphaned, and if so raises them so they can return to the wilds when grown.
        He has 2 Badgers on his land, he raised them, and they rturned to the wild…but didn’t go too far. 😀 They ARE wild, but know him, the dogs, etc.. so…it is what it is. 🙂
        Elders teaching young folks things from Long ago, and seeing the really young kids eyes light up with tellings of old Legends…

        Worth fighting the fight, and calling out to awaken our Spirit again.
        Losing is not an option.

      • It is a fine thing your uncle does.
        As a people we haven’t been noted for running from a fight,
        and now isn’t the time to begin doing so.
        I worked with raptor rehabilitation for a time, and it was
        one of the most rewarding things I have ever done.
        There was a beautiful little sparrow hawk with a broken
        wing, so vivid and precise were his colors and marking he
        reminded me of a fine porcelin statute.
        Once mended I took him a distance to release back into
        the wild – next day he was back, I released him further away
        and he returned again, so I took him at his word and he set up
        residence nearby.
        Watching him soar above I felt as though I too were soaring along
        side him.
        We conversed, he would call and I would respond, at times he would
        perch on my shoulder or a fence rail and chatter away looking squarely
        in my face. If I stroked him he would murmur and mutter much like cat
        will purr if you pet them.
        In time he acquired a mate and his descendents inhabit the
        surrounding area.
        Diminutive in size being a sparrow hawk but had the heart of an

      • ((HUG)) Beautiful!! Yes, they make up their own minds. 🙂 I m so happy for you that you had that and have them in your life!

        I spent my day out ghosting the illegal traplines and rendering them harmless…and I left a Warning with each one…
        …as well as a couple automatic wildlife cameras to learn exactly who it is setting them.
        No animals were found in any of the traps, though I found one by stepping on it…spent a bit getting the effing thing off my boot. No harm done, but better it be me than an animal.

      • “Ghosting” the trap lines is an honorable thing to do, but there’s
        some crazies out there and caution should be observed.
        As a human at least you had the ability to extricate yourself rather
        than gnawing your foot or leg off, not to minimize the pain though.

      • Thank-You for being concerned, but out here, the only crazies are a few wilderlands living hermits who’ve never harmed anyone.
        It’s the ‘new’ ones passing through on occasion that create problems now and then, but I’m not unarmed out there, and have met our local hermitfolks…ODD folks, but pleasant though. 🙂

        That’s why I do it. I have seen what can become of trapped animals, and this svoloch seems to be a ‘weekend’ trapper…meaning he checks them on weekends, so that leads me to think he lives in the city and poaches furs on weekends for bonus $$.

        The trap I ‘found’ the hard way (with a Fox watching) dealt no pain, closed against the edges of my boot sole, all I felt was ‘WHACKTHUMP’. BUT, I’d rather step in it myself and barefoot, than some helpless animal because I failed to find it.

  2. Got to watch the videos. Very entertaining. Appreciate the satire but may have missed some of the deeper meaning or fine points. The first one was like a Cheech and Chong promo. They were reminiscent of Sherman Alexie’s classic screenplay and the film, Smoke Signals. Met Sherman at a book signing and bought two copies of Ten Little Indians, one for me. As he was autographing the second one (that I had put a note on that it was for Leonard Peltier), he asked me if I was going to send it to Leonard. “Yes” I said, and was hoping to have a further conversation, but there were other people waiting. Went to the front desk and paid for Joseph-Beth to send it to Peltier at Leavenworth (assumed that if it came from a reputable bookstore it would get to him). I’m sure he was thrilled to have copy autographed to him from Sherman Alexie. I may have spoiled it about a month later when I sent him a note saying that I hope he enjoyed the book. LP probably then threw it away.

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