15 comments on “THE KIM JONGS OF AIM

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    The KIM JONGS of AIM have in their own way attempted to make ndn country unimaginable – a subservient nation of thought control, intimidation, rape, and murder.

    A nation speaking only in whispers if expressing a different thought, a different opinion – a nation where party leaders take the best of everything and live in comfort while publicly bemoaning the poverty of their people resulting from foreign intrigue and dark conspiracies – conspiracies and intrigue, some real, yet in the majority of the home grown domestic variety.

  2. …and it’s far too late for them to run from what’s gathering against them. There will be NO bargaining. Their ‘money’ will not buy them safety. They are the ‘Bedbugs’ hiding in the walls of the House Of The Nations.
    And will be dealt with as such.

    • In their passing windows open – some will seize upon what they deem
      to be a monetary opportunity to milk the cash cow yet a little longer.
      The mainstream media will content itself in saying they were “controversial”
      figures while romanticizing the reality and legacy they leave.
      Having escaped justice in this life they will wander in darkness
      finding no place to rest.
      Empires crumble, the process occurring now as they attempt to attach
      themselves to current issues in a vain attempt to appear relevant.
      They have become a known commodity, and that doesn’t bode well for

      • Good points, very good points!! Still, I’m going to work with you and others to expose them, maube some of the would’ve-been-spent’ money will go instead to those who would truly benefit from it…

      • If so be prepared to be verbally attacked, relentlessly spammed, and all manner of
        attempts made to impugn and label you a fed and hater, etc etc.
        Look anywhere on the net and you will find those speaking against AIM and Peltier
        experiencing exactly that.

      • Thanks for the heads up, and I suspecteed as much. BUT, I also deal with similar speaking out vs islam and the hijacking of Native history by palestine and BDS for their agendas…so I have a solidly thick skin.
        And if AIM gets their shorts in a wad and decides to try something stupid, they’ll become just a bad memory.
        There’s been 3 attempts to bomb our house via mail, and the last two attempts were SERIOUS devices, 1 Kg of Semtex & 1 Kg of C-4. Those were either due to speaking vs. islam, vs. Socialism, or for our energy tech work. *shrug* If you have enemies, it means you took a stand that Matters.
        Our Peoples and Humanity’s future…WORTH IT.
        If they kill us, they just Validate what we say, do, and stand for.

      • Well, a thick skin will stand you in good stead, and I agree
        that if taking a stand based on the truth creates enemies that
        in itself speaks with a voice of it’s own.
        Paul DeMain, the founder and editor of News From Indian Country
        who has devoted a lot of years to investigating AIM, the murders
        they committed, and Peltier, had his RV torched a couple of years
        ago – Tim Giago, an award winning indigenous journalist, editor,
        and newspaper founder had his office firebombed in the 80’s as a
        result of the positions he took and published re AIM.
        And of course have been targeted with the ad campaign of snitch,
        fed, sell out, etc etc.
        Stay safe and be well.
        Threatened lawsuits are fairly common but I doubt any seriously
        want to get involved in a civil suit where the rules of evidence
        are different than that of a criminal proceeding – they have way
        too much to lose.

      • All good points and thank-you for further insight into just how nasty they can be.
        We will and I wish the same for you in safety and being well!
        If they want to try a lawsuit, they’ll be facing the FNN also in court, and I very seriously doubt they want that on top of all evidence-of-character against them.
        Attacking the house, as others have learned recently, is a very grave mistake, due to our own abilities in handling such and in our neighbourhood, neighbours watch each other’s homes–there’s been more than a few jihad incidents here and our neighbourhood formed a ‘neighbourhood watch’ with some serious teeth. So, please do not worry overmuch about myself and my family. But I appreciate the concern, to be sure.
        As for them trying to hurt my feelings by calling us ‘sell-outs’…well, when did they ever give Humanity a new means of clean, inexpensive energy? πŸ˜‰
        Whe we finally overcome opposition and get our showcase powrplant built, it will be pointed out as a figt to Humanity from the People of The Nations, in the spirit of forgiveness about the past,and moving towards the future. That a new age is opening for us all, especially The Nations. One of Hope.
        And also, that we will not and can not be ignored any longer.

      • As a people we kind of became something of a fad with the public
        over the last few years – sort of a Hollywoodish cowboys and Indians
        type of thing nurtured by AIM.
        Awareness has taken on a different approach now, a reasoned one,
        and that bodes well as it will serve reality rather than the
        fantasy and fiction.
        Is there a time frame for building this plant or is it subject
        to variables like funding, approval, etc?

      • I have seen what you refer to about the more reasoned view of us now, and I find it to be a good sign of hope for the future. πŸ™‚
        The powerplant is being blocked/opposed by obama and his admin, as well as more than a few alternative energy companies who seek to defend their Subsidy contracts, s this blows the lid off the scam of current solar & wind projects that NEED ongoing subsidization to keep operating.
        SO, we’re grinding along, still moving forward, slowly but inexorably, and searching for a proper site.
        Funding we can manage via crowdfunding, as all we need is enough to buy the site & enough eqipment for 1 megawatt of cpacity, then use the profits off that the build the plant to it’s full 10 megawatt capacity. πŸ˜‰
        So, we’re slogging through hip-deep mud…but always moving forward.

      • Anything that could potentially affect corporate profits or
        create a lack of dependency has historically been obstructed.
        A manifestation of that big biz mentality and trickle UP
        economics are good for America.
        Sometimes it comes down to grounding and pounding, shouldn’t be
        that way, but sometimes it is.
        Lot of political talk about the environment and the benefits of
        “green”, but when you look behind the curtain reading the loopholes
        it doesn’t amount to much more than talk.

      • That’s exactly the shape of it all, yes…and the nature of the bog we’re walking through.
        ALL they’re doing is delaying the inevitable, and in time, they’ll see that working WITH us is easier and more profitable for them.

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