• The sacred things, no nation, no people, exist in a balanced
      way without them- they are among the first targets despots
      and petty warlords seek to undermine.
      thanks for the reblog

      • YW 🙂 I agree, take those, you dull the spirit of a people, or a nation. Then they replace such with their own substitutes.
        Too bad for them, with time and work, we will reclaim the Sacred & Essential and our Spirit again.
        And we have learned some VERY expensive lessons in the past centuries, time to apply what we’ve learned to bring things to Balance again. They’ll never agai be what they were…but things can be much improved.

      • I became acquainted with Polish history through a friend,a sister, and quite
        a history it is.
        Most are familiar with what they endured doing WW2 but that’s only part of
        their history, a recurring history – Poland is know as the land of the white
        eagle among it’s people…I like the sound of that, and in knowing more
        about them the spirit they possess.
        If you get knocked down you can choose to stay there or get back up, always
        better to get back up.
        “They’ll never agai be what they were”…AIM hit their high water mark years
        ago, now it is about an ongoing attempt to remain media and internet relevant,
        but it just ain’t working anymore.
        That lack of relevance as it relates to “donations” and the ability to run
        scams has led them to commodify those things we hold sacred as a people.
        That is yet another negative aspect of the legacy they will leave and shouldn’t
        be overlooked by their fan club.

      • I was watching one program months back that poke a bit on Polish history, especially their Cavalry….I was Impressed! ‘White Eagle’, a fine nam, with a good sound. I like it as well. I admit, I forget that Europe has many Raptor species.
        The Polish folks are often the butt of jokes, but the movie ‘Resistance’ with Daniel Craig & Shriev Lieber, based on historical accounts, was a good introduction to the Polish Character and Heart.
        There are examples like such in history that we as a people can look to.

        What I meant by ‘things will never again be as they were’…I meant for our People, our days of Innocence are gone, never to return aside from the innocence in our children when they are very young, through which we can flimpse the past.
        But, as you say, it does apply equally to AIM, but I sense those mudaks are trying to adapt to the changing circumstances.
        As for their ‘salesmanship’ of selling out our people, those ‘carpetbaggers’ best close shop and start running…the Broom i coming and they are about to swept into the dustbin of history.
        AIM, like others….they I name as Wendigo, as they are never satisfied, always hungry for more, and heedless of the death and damage they wreak.

      • When you look at Poland’s history and the contributions it has made
        “Polish jokes” can be clearly seen as asinine, a variation one might
        say of the bilge holocaust deniers spew.
        I saw the movie “Resistance”, a good movie that should make people
        Poles have been stereotyped much as the nations have been, and with
        no more reason to do so.
        Sweeping the carpetbaggers into a dustbin sounds good, maybe toss
        a roomba or two into the mix as well.
        Great videos re the roomba, thanks.

      • Glad you found ‘roomba shark’ 😀
        As for the carpetbaggers, well, despite SOME feline opinions to the contrary, they’re pretty useful I’ve read…but we could dump them in with the damned jihadi, let them duke it and leave Humanity in peace. 😉

        Poland, and the Polish history, the jokes about Poland and Polish now seem even more stupid tha I originally held them as.
        I wish for them a renaissance of spirit, the world could benefit from them in doing so, as of course would they benefit.

      • Difficult to imagine a cat in a costume sitting on a whirling roomba,
        but cats live in their own distinct world so whose to say. I couldn’t
        help but notice how adept Sharkey was at ducking and dodging the
        jabs thrown at him.
        In the geopolitical strategies of Russia I think Poland once again finds
        itself at a crossroads, an unwilling pawn as other “strategist” play their
        own game.

      • Cats….yeah, they sure do, don’t they? 😀 He seems to enjoy it, and obviously NP with the costume, if there was…well, one does NOT try costuming a cat unwilling to put up with such…like trying to dress a chainsaw…

        Poland, yes, that whole region is in big trouble, and for NO valid reason! All that’s being shown is how STUPID politics & power can make a person or a country, meaning Russia as example in this case…it’s a pointless laand grab, but history repeats.

      • “like trying to dress a chainsaw…”
        Sounds like one of those horror movies – seen people attempting to put a cat
        in a box to transport – ain’t nothin’ nice.

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