1. Then, we’ll have to short-circuit the assimilation process, find that which speaks to the ‘Indian inside’ and awakens the Spirit, to guide them home.
    No more crying appeals for mercy and justice, we’ve seen over enough decades such does nothing, and that we can only look to Ourselves to rebuild, reclaim and recuperate from the past.

    The past was a Fire and Forge…and we of this generation have been tempered to unimaginable strength.
    AIM uses thuggery, parasitism…they sell themselves as Judas Goats and lead the rest if our people to the killing floor of our culture and Spirit.

    We will use our Intelligence, we will win by Building, by showing that we are not to be ignored in the fabric of our works. We are Warriors, builders, preservers and proteectors…and if/as need arises, Fighters.
    We do NOT kid ourselves about the nature of this world.

    But we will keep the Old ways, the Traditions and Crafts and Wisdom alive as best we can and rekindle the Peoples Of The Nations anew….to stand strong, straight, unbowed by falseness.

    No, it won’t be easy, but history and the Forge of it have MADE for just this task and time.

    The Peoples of The Nations WILL have Sovereignty.
    We will build it, as one does a house, log by log, work by work, until it is done and solid.

    We do not cry out appeals for justice, mercy and compassion…we roar a Warning to all those who would stand against us, who would keep our Peoples ‘in their place’.
    Things have Changed, and we will be Changing them further even more still…with patient Intelligence and hard work.
    As example, our work towards that Solar & Wind based powerplant I have spoken of.

    But that warning also speaks against any EVER raising a hand against our Peoples again.
    It is now a gravely Unwise course of action for any on this world to take, and they should think about the Consequences before they commit to such.

    • Not a single person can say that all laws are just, that the application of them
      is always just, nor can it be said of treaties.
      I had a Catholic priest attempt to tell me once that the church didn’t consider
      any who had held slaves to be wrong as that was a time centric social custom then
      and acceptable.
      Quite a discussion ensued as I don’t believe an evil can ever be construed as
      People came to this country as indentured servants, I believe that was wrong as well.
      In times past a British lord who owned land and people in servitude working it had the
      “right” to spend the first night with a newly married woman – I asked this priest
      if the church condoned that as it was an “acceptable” custom. After some sputtering and
      casting about he allowed that it wasn’t.
      I asked him if was acceptable to commit the atrocities in this hemisphere that had been
      done under the flag of the church, he allowed that it wasn’t and then came the spiel
      about forgiveness.
      Forgiveness is a good thing that can heal wounds, but it is also predicated upon admission,
      accepting responsibility, and the understanding that an offense won’t be committed again.
      And that’s part of the issue, the sputtering and casting about attempting to deny or
      somehow qualify realities.
      Governmental “apologies” may be thought of as a good thing, but what do they serve
      if little or nothing changes?
      I remember once in school following a fight with a fellow student being told to
      apologize and shake hands – we both refused, we understood even as children it
      was a hollow gesture neither of us would have come up with at that point in time.
      Additional punishment because we refused created a common bond though and in
      that we felt as though we had prevailed.
      There is a lot of talent, ability,and desire, if as a people we focus those
      elements toward common goals, it is what we did in the past and a beacon to
      do so again.

      • Again, tou have a way of ‘Painting-with-words’ in a way I truly admire and hope to develop the skill of myself someday.
        I’ve encountered a few from various Churches, same kind of conversations, though not as historical. I have some good friends who are Christians, but I do not trust the Churches–funny thing, none of them have a problem with my being in such a way, and agree with it mostly.

        What you said about foriveness is absoutely and exactly the crux of it!! Also, ‘government’…no, I will never forgive ‘government’ as they continue to commit actions against us without remorse. Perhaps, if 400 years go by without further incident, THEN, I might consider it.

        We can, and we will. As a people, we have no other alternative option aside from extinction.
        I say NO, to extinction.

      • I have friends who are christian as well, they make no attempt to proselytize,
        and we find grounds of common agreement in many areas.
        As I’ve said I don’t believe in a generational guilt other than a governmental
        one, rather that guilt results from individual actions and attitudes….you do
        it, you say it, you own it.

      • I agree, all points.
        BUT it IS funny when you drop on Whites that you don’t go with ‘ehite-guilt’ and such, thy get all confused for a bit then realize that all’s good. 🙂
        It’s cute-funny, and brings some light into their day. 🙂
        That said, some folks who do hold absolutely to ‘white/generational guilt’ have gone all-out frothingly rabid at me for not supporting that nonsense, and speaking against it.
        But, what’s a few more death-threats in my Inbox?? I’m used to that, and if any of them want to try to Test themselves against me and try to realize their barely articulate threats…
        Fine with me.
        But they better have their Wills and such done up first.

      • “you do it, you say it, you own it”
        It’s that simple to me – if others disagree their right to do so,
        they live their life and I live mine – their “rights” end where mine
        begin, with the reverse being equally true.

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