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    Native American, if ever there was a nisnomer applied to any people it has been the indigenous people of this country, for any born here are Native American, and we never called this land America.

    We are indigenous, the first people, sub divided by our tribal names.

    The first people, whether the belief is we originated here or migrated across the Bering land bridge to settle in a continent devoid of people and usurping no one.

    No argument can be made that this land wasn’t ours, or that if theft and robbery doesn’t translate to ownership it remains ours.

    Yeah, I know, “get over it”…..those expressing such words of wisdom must likewise feel their ancestors should have just gotten over it and made the best of where they were instead of leaving.

    More appropriately such sages should try getting over that sense of privilege and entitlement they have.

    The thing about laws and treaties are their ability to make right look wrong and wrong like right. Something governments, legislation, and politicians are noted for.

  2. Strong words rezinate and true words. We have a love and respect for
    you to speak such things and to be the one you are.

    • Thank you for the kind words. I would respond in saying
      it is important to love and respect yourselves and each
      other, for the things you do and are to be worthy of both.
      Pay forward what you can as you can and know no greater
      act of giving exists than when giving and in need yourself.
      No finer women exist anywhere than our own who bestow a
      blessing and grace upon the nations we are in need of.

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