16 comments on “THE GREAT MISERY

  1. Interesting (compelling) video. Need to watch it again. I do share some of your cynicism. I believe that aside from the constant power struggle, that it’s just too big to manage. It’s gotten out of control (government, the economy, deficit, etc.), no matter where it’s pushed, like a huge over-inflated balloon, apply pressure to one place and it bulges out somewhere else. And then there’s the whole global morass where events just about anywhere have an effect somewhere else. Throw in the jihadists and religious hatred and intolerance and there’s just no where to go but down. There are no “solutions,” more like you have said several times, just the worst of whatever evils are out there.

    • Excellent analogy related to an over inflated balloon, which often have the
      tendency to burst – an event that could lead to things like the Depression in
      the ’20s and ’30s, wars, social upheaval, environmental issues, pandemics,
      a march towards fascism, or any other occurence.
      I’m not a believer that change comes from the top, that it begins at the
      bottom and works it’s way up. That places the onus on people as individuals
      to be informed, to forget the rhetoric and accept what is evident.
      I consider people like Chomsky and Zinn to be the equivalent of miner’s
      canaries, as such they have been routinely vilified by those seeking to
      maintain the status quo, the reasons being obvious.

    • The season of misery will continue for a time, lot of good people
      on the rez working to end it, in the interim an obligation exists
      to look to the needs of others as each is capable of – the word
      for that among others is solidarity.

    • Probably so, though my intent wasn’t to individually personalize it but to illustrate
      what I think is the the lunacy of entrenched parties and the hopelessness of blind,
      unswerving partisanship.
      If any have been angered the board is open if they want to offer a differing opinion,
      a rebuttal, or take me to task.
      If my assessment is wrong they should have an easy time of it, if not, then buckle up.
      If the shoe fits and that’s what angers them that’s on them, if they merely disagree
      hardly seems reasons to be become angry, but that’s a choice for them to make as I
      won’t be apologizing for something I believe is transparently obvious.

  2. ” No, the only thing you can do with the FBI is expose them to public understanding-education, ridicule. They deserve it. They have “garbologists” ransacking garbage pails. A lot of interesting stuff in garbage pails. They have to be exposed, brought down from that hallowed point where they once were. And, by the way, they have been brought down. That’s one of the comforting things about what has happened in the United States in the last 30 years. The FBI at one point was absolutely untouchable. Everybody had great respect for the FBI. In 1965 when they took a poll of Americans; do you have a strong admiration for the FBI? Eight-five percent of people said, “Yes.” When they asked again in ’75, 35 percent said, “Yes.” That’s a big comedown. That’s education -education by events, education by exposure. They know they’ve come down in the public mind and so now they’re trying to look kinder and gentler. But they’re not likely to merge with the American Civil Liberties Union. They’re more likely, whatever their soothing words, to keep doing what they’re in the habit of doing, assaulting the rights of citizens.

    The most important thing you can do is simply to continue exposing them. Because why does the FBI do all this? To scare the hell out of people. Were they doing this because of a Soviet invasion threat or because they thought the Socialist Workers Party was about to take over the country? Are they going after whoever their current target is because the country is in imminent danger, internal or external? No. They are doing it because they don’t like these organizations. They don’t like the civil rights organizations, they don’t like the women’s organizations, they don’t like the anti-war organizations, they don’t like the Central American organizations. They don’t like social movements. They work for the establishment and the corporations and the politicos to keep things as they are. And they want to frighten and chill the people who are trying to change things. So the best defense against them and resistance against them is simply to keep on fighting back, to keep on exposing them. That’s all I have to say.” Zinn


    • A big come down – that’s pretty much the case with all things, from actors
      and actresses, cancelled television shows, Presidents, fads, the latest
      diet or offering by the vitamin and herbal remedy people, and just about
      any governmental agency you can think of.
      Doesn’t surprise me in the least, as in this age of privacy invasion and
      rampant Constitutional violations some are pushing back
      and the privacy invaders and violators find themselves being exposed,
      tit for tat so to speak.
      The big come down – something Peltier and AIM are increasingly aware of as
      their closets are being rummaged through and they get hit where it hurts them
      most – credibility and revenue.
      It’s kind of like religion this coming down, in good times people “backslide”,
      when it hits the fan and things go south attendance is up, their ” belief”
      dusted off, and often accompanied by acts verbal or otherwise of attrition.
      The most glaring inconsistency in the approach you take is to ignore the
      warts AIM is infested with and point out any others might carry.
      Being as obvious as that is I’ve asked you countless times if you would join
      me in calling for any with any complicity in the murders of Annie Mae Pictou
      Aquash and Perry Ray Robinson Jr. to be held to account. I’ve restricted that
      request to two individuals, Annie and Ray, knowing that if I were to include
      AIM’s rezmurs at WK2 and elsewhere it might induce a catatonic episode, you’d
      lose your ability to support yourself, and possibly windup a “ward” of the state
      or government…something I wouldn’t wish on anyone.
      You’ve yet to do that and in my opinion speaks to the coming down you’ve
      embraced the moment you signed on to the AIM/Peltier fantasy.
      But the invitation stands – will you join me in calling for a true pursuit
      of justice where no one gets a free pass?
      As to Zinn, as I’ve often said I have a great respect for him and Chomsky, that
      isn’t to say I agree with everything either has to say, no more than I expect
      anyone to agree with everything I have say.
      Being as vocal and outspoken as they are there are those it makes uncomfortable,
      and in effort to marginalize them they are called socialists, communists, malcontents,
      rabble rousers, and anything other than a person speaking an obvious truth.
      There’s a video on the net featuring the late egomanical William F. Buckley and
      Chomsky – Buckley does his best adopting that superior attitude he was so well
      known for but Chomsky takes him to school – difficult to deny realities when
      going mano y mano with someone who is familiar with them, sticks to them, and
      makes no effort to disguise what they are or resort to an attempted revision.
      Individuals like Chomsky and Zinn meet the definition of social commentators to
      my way of thinking, a trustworthy one, that so many of the current crop fall miserably
      short of.
      And they do what they do with facts, reason, and logic – not profanity and pandering
      for applause, not a staff of writers, bloated salaries, or makeup and wardrobe
      History can very much be in addition to an indictment, a weapon, that is why others
      thinking they have something to gain attempt to revise it.
      Case in point – WK2 was not and didn’t even come close to being an act of “liberation”.
      It was a staged media event by AIM that led to the destruction of an entire village,
      looting, murder, and rape.
      The “history” of Jumping Bull features the same attempt to revise, in the lie that
      the warrant for Jimmy Eagle was about nothing more than a pair of “old boots”
      Likewise that an “invasion map” existed, the non existent and exposed lie Mr. X was,
      and that the singular motivation for the attack on and subsequent murder of Williams
      and Coler wasn’t Peltier’s belief that ” they were coming to arrest me” for that Wisconsin
      fugitive warrant, not that a cadre of thugs led by Peltier were “warriors” and “freedom
      fighters” defending “their people” against an unwarranted attack.
      And so I echo Zinn’s sentiments “keep fighting back” – keeping fighting and exposing
      all the wrongs from top to bottom – from the government and their agencies, to corporations
      and Wall Street, to corporate owned media, and to AIM and their minions.
      You up for that? Or is your use of words like justice and accountability funny like
      passing a “law” that will be circumvented as Zinn said?
      Foolish question really, as we both know you won’t break with tradition and respond with
      anything other than OKC or something else to avoid what is obvious.
      And when you do I’ll point that and once again you will have exposed yourself to any who
      read this blog and comments.

  3. Why must everything be spun back to AIM and Peltier? As I’ve stated before Peltier has already done 40 years where no FBI has even done 1 second or even gotten a slap on the wrist for their CRIMES committed against the Lakota people etc… This echoes both the sentiments of Zinn and Chompsky. This blog and the video are about the, “rule of law,” and why some get convicted of crimes and some get away with it. How come Peltier sits in a cell and Woods, despite committing crimes behind an FBI badge, remains free? Is Woods morally superior to Peltier? How about the FBI agents that handled the operatives on Pine Ridge? Are they criminally liable? If their operatives and provocateurs committed crimes are they in turn responsible? Or are they worthy of a “free pass,”( simply because they represent the “Empire”) like Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Obama, Holder etc…Or Mr. Ed himself for that matter?
    P.S- I welcome a response from Mr. Ed to Zinn’s assertions. I’m wondering how an “insider” rationalizes away such things

    • Does this rule of law also apply to the AIM leadership? Are they to be seen
      as being above it?
      The better question is why must everything you post be spun back to OKC
      as you’ve already attempted?
      Why must you avoid answering a direct question, or refuse to assign any
      blame to AIM or call for any with any complicity to be held to account?
      Why do you feel the need to absolve Banks or Crow Dog for the corruption
      and marketing of our ceremonies and traditions?
      Everything is “spun” back to AIM because they are the central figure
      in the wrongs this blog addresses, name a single issue their presence,
      their hand, can’t be found in.
      Peltier has done forty years and none of the AIM leadership are doing
      time with him for the crimes, the murders they committed, have you nothing
      to say about that?
      Complicity – look the word up and recall my words, ANY with complicity
      need to be held to account, if they escape that it is not a reason to
      release any who haven’t.
      If two men commit a murder or any other crime and only one is apprehended
      and convicted is the fact that the other hasn’t been reason to let the
      one go who has?
      Ask that question of the survivors of victims -ask it of Williams and Colers
      survivors, of Annie’s and Ray’s, of the survivors of any victim of AIM.
      Ask it of rape victim. Ask yourself how many years have AIM and Peltier’s
      victims done in the ground? How many years have their survivors suffered the

  4. The Peltier Case

    “Howard Zinn, respected U.S. historian has said, “every day that he stays in prison has shamed us before the world and the time is long overdue to set him free”.”

    First let me thank the DC Gray Panthers for organizing this rally, calling for the release of Leonard Peltier from prison. I bring support from the Gray Panthers of Montgomery County. Also thanks to John Steinbach who has supplied us with so much basic information about the case. People who have studied these facts have concluded that Leonard Peltier, an innocent man has been in prison for 23 years .

    Because of poor medical care his health has been deteriorating during imprisonment. He has lost sight of one eye, suffers from diabetes and heart disease, and due to complications from a childhood condition, suffers from tetanus, making it impossible to open his mouth to properly speak or eat.

    After a study of the facts of the Peltier Case, Amnesty International issued the following statement:

    “Leonard Peltier has now spent twenty three years in prison. Amnesty International considers Peltier to be a political prisoner whose avenues for legal redress have long been exhausted. The U.S. Government has repeatedly denied requests for a special executive review . Amnesty International recognizes that a retrial is no longer a feasible option and believes that Peltier should be immediately and unconditionally released.”

    Leonard Peltier has received considerable international support; from parties like the European Parliament, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Desmond Tutu the Dali Lama and many, many more.

    As a leader in the American Indian Movement (AIM), Peltier was a target of the FBI Cointelpro program , whose aim it was to neutralize activist leaders by any means, legal or illegal. Those of us who were involved in the antiwar movement at that time, experienced the dirty tricks of Cointelpro and brought a lawsuit against the FBI and DC police , Hobson vs Wilson , demanding compensation for the illegal actions of these government agencies. We were successful.

    It is clear that Peltier was the victim of the same kind of illegal government activity.

    We say enough to 23 years in prison for an innocent man . Leonard Peltier may die soon if he is not released.
    Howard Zinn, respected U.S. historian has said, “every day that he stays in prison has shamed us before the world and the time is long overdue to set him free”.

    Peltier’s petition for release has been on the president’s desk
    for 6 years.

    Free Peltier Now !

    • As I said, I don’t agree with everything either Chomsky or Zinn
      says, and I don’t think everyone would agree with everything
      I or anyone else might say
      In addition despite every effort to present Peltier as a “leader” is
      nothing more than an LPDOC/ILPDC construct to bolster the claim glamorizing
      Peltier as some kind of high ranking individual that was targeted, when in
      fact he was little more than Banks resident thug gopher – the one to send to
      threaten and interrogate women…as he did Annie and Minnie.
      If indeed Peltier was some high value target how is it his name isn’t
      among the AIM list of those killed by the goons or the feds? The
      reason was he was a low level bottom feeder.
      With as many opportunities to take him out that would almost surely
      occur among a convict population, and especially his escape, how is it
      he’s still walking around?
      Have you forgotten he was such a high ranking person his nick name
      among his cohorts was Dumb as Dirt?
      Now if Peltier being dumb as dirt and yet a leader what does that say
      about the rest of the leadership – were they equally as dumb, or as secretive
      and “paranoid” as they were did they find someone dumb as dirt acceptable in
      a leadership role?
      Dumb in such a position would apply to a very real threat – dumb has prompted
      Peltier to lie and be caught in them, to stick his foot in his own mouth and
      thereby indict himself.
      Neither Zinn nor Chomsky are of any of our nations, just as you aren’t, and
      while they can speak with great authority on global issues that doesn’t translate
      to the same ability regarding the inner workings of AIM no more than it does in
      your case when you attempt to tell us what the problems are and how to go about
      addressing them.
      What separates is that you surely have an awareness of the truth related to AIM
      and Peltier, yet you steadfastly refuse to acknowledge or admit any part of it.
      I believe if Zinn would have sat down with Annie’s, Rays, Williams, Colers,
      or the survivors of any of AIM’s victims he might well have added a codicil
      or two to his related positions.
      If you recall those inner sanctum emails I posted from among those at LPDOC
      were rife with statements that Peltier was delusional and had actually come
      to believe the myth created for him. That he was a loud mouth with an
      acute sense of entitlement and out of control – I kind of doubt Zinn was familiar
      with them.
      You would also recall the words of one time staunch supporter and cousin
      of Peltier Robert Robideau when he resigned from a leadership position
      at LPDOC – when he busted Peltier in the lie that he never went down
      to the slain agents car or saw them dead. He might also have been unaware that
      Peltier was found to be in possession of Coler’s handgun.
      If you don’t recall these emails and statements I would be happy to repost them.
      Zinn passed away about a four years ago, I consider that a global loss- if
      alive I would forward these emails and other points of interest to him and
      ask what he makes of them.
      In doing the math one can determine Zinn made this statement around 1998,
      seventeen years ago – that’s about fifteen years before Kuzma Peltier’s then
      attorney publicly admitted that the Mr.X lie was exactly that, and over ten
      years before Arlo’s and Graham’s convictions, Thelma Rios’ confession and guilty
      Seventeen years ago I supported Peltier, but as I’ve said previously the
      more that came to light, the more questions avoided, the more answers
      proven to be lies changed all that.
      Had I of made a written statement of support during that time then it would
      not in any way, shape, or form be reflective of what I believe now. No more
      so than DeMain and others who having once been on the Peltier bandwagon of
      lies no longer are.
      In the past some have said traveling to the moon was impossible, yet
      we have. There was also the belief that the earth was flat and the sun orbited
      the earth based on what was known and speculated then.
      I saw an old encyclopedia entry that said someday man would go the moon
      at the “astounding speed” of two miles per minute, that’s a 120mph.
      All said in good faith with the knowledge that was available then, but
      nonetheless inaccurate. Does that make the authors of such things egregiously
      wrong, or merely not having all the information?
      The problem with both the AIM and Peltier myths are that they haven’t been able to
      withstand the close scrutiny they receive now. The lies, revisions, and corrupted
      talking points they attempt to make no longer float like they once did.
      Having said at one point in time I supported Peltier will you come back now and say
      I remain one? Will you assign an unalterable nature to that seventeen years
      I know people who began as dyed in the wool Bush or Obamaites who no longer are,
      would you say they are confined to the belief they once had, or the support they
      once offered?
      In the case of Zinn we can never know, but in looking at the man we surely can
      speculate- and I say in consideration of who he was and what is known now speculation
      more than has it’s has place.
      It isn’t speculation to acknowledge that Annie’s family early on considered the
      possibility of a fed involvement in her murder, but the more they discovered, the more
      they knew they put that aside leaving the AIM/Peltier squad with nothing left but to
      call them dupes, snitches, and feds.
      A go to response that has less tread on it than a rez car tire.
      As to Woods, as I’ve said show me that he, Kenney, or a steroid pumped up cop beating
      or tasing someone anywhere were at WK2 and I’m on it. If you can’t you need to try a
      different tactic.

  5. Just to ligthen the mood a little and because I really like this, something I found
    on bearspawprint site – Dance of Eagle – I’m adding the below link as I take a break
    from the comp.
    There seems to be a noticable Celtic influence among others…enjoy.

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