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    The history of the nations warriors has been to protect and defend, not just the tribe, women and children, or the land-but the things we believe in, our ceremonies and traditions.

    I can think of no better instrument to expose a fraud calling themselves a warrior or a medicine person than their participation in such things regardless of how they attempt to explain it, the guise they employ.

    Yes, it is the twenty first century, and we are obliged to adapt in many ways, to find a way to wed the past and present in the least harmful way-ownership, whether good or bad is a part of that equation-from the vehicle we drive to the possessions we claim as ours.

    Such possessions come with an implied responsibility – it is a foolish person who doesn’t take care of what they own, or of themselves, families, and their communities – it’s no less foolish failing to attend the land or our beliefs.

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