44 comments on “YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE DOROTHY

      • Your essays, like this one and Old and New… would make good periodical columns. Like newspaper editorials, or readings on a radio.

        But maybe those are too old fashioned. Dunno. I seldom read newspapers, and my old car doesn’t even have a working radio.

        But I do receive RSS feeds of certain editorials that equal newspapers.

        Just a thought. You seem to see so clearly, even in mud storms. Thank you.

      • Appreciate the compliment, as bizarre as some may think it is I’ve
        had an offer or two but I don’t really see myself as qualified.
        My thing is pounding nails and sawing boards, I enjoy it, satisfied
        in doing so, and it puts the bacon on the table.
        Consider all three a blessing.
        Haven’t viewed what I post as essays, more in the nature of rants,
        and think more than one would agree and wish I would shut up.

      • Hahaha. That is always the case with truth. 😀

        You will write anyway, whether or not someobody is offering to distribute your words. Unless they censor or edit you too much, why not let ’em?

        You say things that NEED to be said. Very few are able to do that. You are also gentle without being a wus. Not so easy for that to come across in written words, either.

        People, real People, need to see that it is still possible. Too many see cruelty and strength.

        Thank you for all that you have done.

      • And thank you – a great many are deserving of gratitude, more
        so than me, I would count you among those, and those in the side
        bar recommended sites list – no requirement to agree with all they
        say, rather a willingness and open mindedness to acknowledge any truth
        they speak.
        In truth I at times consider taking the plunge to “contribute”,
        to accept a podcast invitation….so far though it’s always something
        on the back burner.
        Now chores to do and the go to cup of coffee and a biscuit.

      • Not me, I don’t deserve any thank yous. 🙂

        Would Grandfather like to hear about
        1. How I got my second husband (to whom I am married now) to build a chicken pen?
        2. Or how how the Great Karate Master (my first husband) had his toe broken by a rooster?
        3. Or how that same mean mean rooster was killed by a jealous Mallard duck?

        If Grandfather (or you) chooses a story, I’ll try to write it in in the wee AM hours …. and post in Hawaiian Shirt. I can tell stories out loud, better, though, ’cause I can make faces and voices. 😀

        Gotta go now … Thank you 😀

        Phooey … later than I thought … coffee times all used up …

      • I’m sure he would as would we and others.
        Grandfather is the same way, the pregnant pause, the question left
        hanging in the air, nuances, expressions, and the bevy of not only
        little ones but adults as well hanging on every word.
        Story tellers hold a special place among the nations, it is a
        He’s intrigued by the thought of a rooster breaking someone’s
        Feel free to post it in this or any current blog to insure others
        will have the opportunity to laugh as well.

      • Gonna try to write this now. Then I will copy paste it, or at least try to do so.

        That was one MEAN old Barred Rock rooster. When he dropped that one wing down, and stood that neck ruff out …. then sighted on you …. you best run. And run FAST!!

      • Thank you. Tomorrow is my day to spend with my four year old granddaughter. Earlier, now yesterday, I was asked to go to the Vietnam Veteras meeting. I overheard my husband tell our son that I was to get an award … I thought they wanted me there to take pictures, as I am the unofficial official photographer. Our son (not knowing that I am listening) says “What for? Hippie of the Year?” Ha. Ha. :-/ The two of ’em thought that was so very funny. :-/ Then Arlene called. Arlene is very lonesome, and very talkative. She restrained herself to three hours. That is a record low. Still, evewn though she is very interesting, it is exhausting to me, because I can’t do anything else. I can’t write different stuff and do a good job of listening, too. And she needs me to hear what she is really saying. Arlene is the little sister of my first husband, whose toe got broken. Really. This is a true story. All that I just said is true, as well. Except I was NOT a Hippie. However I am closest thing to a Hippie that my red-neck Vietnam Vet Marine Sgt. husband
        has ever encountered. Yes, they really do think that is funny, too.


      • Well, official unofficial sounds fairly official to me and a “Hippie of the Year Award”
        qualifies as an award. A “red neck” and a “hippie” – that’s got to make for some
        interesting conversations, obviously a union that has worked well and ultimately
        that’s what defines.
        Appreciate the links and will read them to grandfather and all in a few minutes.

      • Rrrrrrr. I am not a hippie, nor ever was. I’m not even an old hippie. I’m just old. Not as old as some, older than others.

        That is just their idea of funny. Neither one of ’em knows what they are talking about. I didn’t even meet my husband until 1987. He had a machine shop and my two older boys took bike (motocycle) parts to get worked on or to see what projects were being worked on. The younger of those two was 12, but my (now) husband thought he was 14 and asked him if he wanted a job. I went there to see what was what. He had good coffee 😀 We married four years later.
        second son now https://bearspawprint.wordpress.com/?attachment_id=15257
        My only biological grandson https://bearspawprint.wordpress.com/2014/06/10/grandson/
        his daddy, my third son
        https://bearspawprint.wordpress.com/?attachment_id=17107 https://bearspawprint.wordpress.com/?attachment_id=15050
        youngest son is now 21, from this marriage
        oldest son — he and his wife decided to remain childless. They have been sweethearts since she was 14 and he was 15 https://bearspawprint.wordpress.com/2013/11/16/happy-birthday-scorpio/david-november-2013-2013-11-09-015-2/

        And I am still not a hippie. It is something they think they can get away with teasing about. I’m pretty sure they are worried I might sic a rooster, or worse (evil laughter goes here) on ’em if they tease about something real.

      • It is said that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach,
        perhaps now it can be said the way to a woman’s heart is good
        I tease grandfather that he is a “babe magnet” due the well deserved
        attention he receives at home or out and about, fortunately there are
        no roosters.
        Hippies make me think of a time when there was both a lot of rain and
        a spring run off, coming down a dirt country road there was a sizable
        stream to cross that had risen quite a bit.
        Stuck halfway across was was heavily loaded down van, rack on top
        included and filled with five “hippies”, or maybe now they would be
        referred to as rainbow people.
        They had two or three dogs and of all things a pet monkey – panic
        was rampant among all, even the dogs and monkey were flipping out.
        I tied a heavy duty rope first to the cable of a winch on the truck
        and after a couple of attempts they were able to grab it when tossed
        and secure it to the rear bumper and I dragged them out – then switched
        the rope ( a nylon one heavily rated weight wise) to my rear bumper and
        their front one and pulled them across.
        The monkey apparently frantic had relieved himself throughout the van
        in such volume one would have thought an entire troop passed through.
        Attempts to calm him during the ordeal led to a few wounds suffered by both
        man and dog.
        I had a first aid kit, gave it to them, made sure they could handle things
        from there and went on.
        I half expected to hear of people hospitalized or perhaps even dying from
        monkey bites, but never did, so I assume their adventure ended well.
        Though I did hear when the following winter hit they cleared out….so
        much for back to nature.

      • Hank the Cowdog and Monkey Business by John R. Erickson
        Scholastic Corporation
        Hank the Cowdog takes his job as Head of Ranch Security very seriously, so when a mysterious red box falls off a truck and onto ranch property, Hank sets out …

        I read all fifty odd books of the Hank The Cowdog series, aloud, with youngest son. If you know any boys, 7-10 yrs. or so, having trouble learning to read, this series is great. In this particular story a monkey is very clever about tricking Hank The Cowdog 🙂 Do you want to attempt to find the book (Amazon) or shall I give the secret away? The series takes place in Texas on a working ranch with a small family and one cowhand, and a couple of cowdogs, + coyotes, coons, horses, people, and in this book, #14, a monkey.

        That was kind of you to rescue those folk. And sensible to be prepared.

        Your winch rescue reminds me of the 1980 South African movie, THE GODS MUST BE CRAZY There is a Land Rover with a winch .. about 10 minutes

      • Not at all familiar with Hank the Cowdog – don’t have an Amazon account so
        would appreciate the secret.
        I saw The Gods Must Be Crazy quite a while ago but had forgotten the sequence
        provided in the link, wouldn’t mind seeing it again now.

      • Maybe a library will order them all?

        The coyotes are very coyote – ish. Line drawing illustrations. Buzzards. Coons playing tricks on the dogs. Doggy dogs argue over a precious valuable corn bob. They get fed in an old hubcap, wallow in the septic run off. The cowhand lives alone ands eats cowboy steak for a treat. That is fried hot dogs. There is a little prophetic ground-owl. Spread out into fifty something kid sized chapter books. The vocabulary is a little too repetitive for adults, and builds on previously used words, starting with the first book.

        Still if anyone puts dogs and a monkey together, I think tongue. 😀

      • Cowboy steaks, I think those are listed in the commodity handouts
        as prime rib, and that yellow brick presented as the equivalent
        of Velveeta, aged cheddar.
        The book series sounds good both as entertainment and a learning tool,
        and the library would be a good place to start.

      • Mr. Mean Versus The Great Karate Master or How the Barred Rock Rooster Broke The Karate Master’s Toe — A Mostly True Story


        OK I wrote it, but it is too long to post in a reply. The above is meant to be a link. I published it as a short story with 6 chapters.

        There is a lot of personal background which will lend insight as to why I am so personally pleased with the , uhmm, confrontation. ⭐ ⭐ However it may not be of interest to children, though teens might find some interest.

        I said “mostly true” just is case someone who was there reads it and I made a mistake. I do that sometimes. Make mistakes. 🙂 ⭐ Hugs to you and any one listening to the story.

  1. I enjoyed your essay.

    Too bad the ____ are trying to privatize everything, including the postal service. There goes socialism.

    Have you noticed a different batch trying to colonize, (overrun), using Tibet as a recent model and testing ground? Worked there. 😦

    • Thank you – hopefully people will mull it over.
      Privatization – the wet dream of corporations – colonization
      is alive and well – it’s what the IMF and EU are about.

  2. Great story bearspawprint – pathos, humor, and a moral – reads
    like Aesop.
    Had grandfather rolling on the floor and recalling an encounter or
    two of his own – the value of which having set the embarrassment
    aside was learning evasive tactics and speed in making an escape.

    • Thank you. I am so very glad there was some laughter, and some other roosters too.

      Ha! You must be an outstanding reader and story teller yourself, to make it come across in such a way that anybody laughed.

      We all thank you. 🙂

      • Did they like that my little sister, walked in the school front door, and out the back? I put that in there (which she really did do) for folk with bad school experiences.

        One day I shall have to write about what I told the truant officer, when she was 13. 😀 They quit bothering us after that.

      • Yes they did, in fact grandmother said it reminded her of me, I’d often get “lost”
        on the way to school and wasn’t adverse to slipping out a window or a door.
        That abated though as my mother stressed the importance of an education as a
        way out.
        I made it through the seventh grade but circumstances were such I went no further,
        opting to work – broke my mothers heart as she felt it was some sort of failure
        on her part – the necessity of it she didn’t want to admit or accept.
        But we worked it out and through the job skills I’ve acquired and reading just
        just about anything I can get my hands hopefully in some way her desire for me
        to have an education has, or is, in the process of being fulfilled.
        I didn’t much care for school so at the time I didn’t consider it a loss, but
        I’m a strong advocate now the nations children to receive an education.
        The truant officer sounds interesting.

      • You Mother probably knows that you could not avoid learning everything available. She just wanted you to have that extra little bit of a boost that a diploma is supposed to provide. Some more formal math MIGHT have made carpentry easier to learn, but maybe not, either. 5/8 ths bees don’t have any schooling at all and they never measure wrong. Most animals understand water better than most college graduates. Noone can build anything that will stay dry inside for more than a little while, if they don’t understand water. a dirt road that is graded right will last longer than a paved road that doesn’t deal with water.

        Anyway. I think your Mother knows. After all, she’s your MOTHER. She would be tickled all over to see you writing so much. Have you written to her, yet? If you haven’t you should. Wind Horse (seems fitting, after what you described) will carry the message to her. Write it on a prayer flag or clean piece of cloth, of a color that is right (that is a pun) for you and her, then tie it in a special outdoor place (not where it will probably be pulled down and soiled) where Wind will blow across it, rather than burning the message for Smoke. Unless you already did. Just because she has passed over to somewhere else doesn’t mean she isn’t listening and/or watching. When are able to provide for your family so that they don’t have to give up as much as she did, I’m telling you, it makes her happy. Even more happy than if it was her. If there is some accomplishment that you can’t tell anyone about, because they would consider it bragging, or perhaps you would, yourself, or you think it won’t seem like much in someone elses eyes … tell your mother. She will probably laugh out loud with joy that you remember her. This I know. I am a Mother. I won’t be insulted, nor will my feelings be hurt if you don’t “approve” this reply, or if you edit all this top part out.

        Did you ever meet someone called Jerry Lang? or Harvey Hill ?

        What happens in (much, not all) school is what I call LEARNED STUPIDITY.
        Ha! It is interesting about the truant officer. 😀 Might not work so well now. To avoid that sort of thing with my youngest, I homeschooled. Or rather Unschooled. He went to kindergarten and first grade …DISASTER. I had to do it. In Florida there are boo coos of requirements to be a Parent Educator. The parent having an education is not one of them 🙂 Superficially that seems strange. But really, it is not. This world is put together very oddly, and there are odd requirements, but not that one.

        I have to think a little bit about how to write the truant officer story, because there is background for it, too. And my sister DOES sometimes read my blog. My X does not. He has the idea that it shows how enlightened he is that he doesn’t use computers.

        However, there are other … powers? forces? that DO keep track of such things. When I was coming in the house, yesterday evening, carrying bag with some cans, and thinking about how clever I was writing that little story, all three dogs decided to greet me at the same time, they hit the bag of cans, set it swinging, and the edge of one can hit my knee, just below the knee cap… right on that nerve that causes your leg to jump up when it is tapped on. I almost fell (talk about poor kicking technique) when my leg tried to kick while I was standing on it … and I could not walk, at all, for several moments, long enough for everyone to yell at me to come in and close the door. I limped, barely able to force my leg to do what I was telling it to do, for several hours, until that nerve settled down.

        Hugs to everybody EXCEPT the ones who laughed about that smart-alecky rooster jumping on the hens when they leaned over for the tidbits. Hahahaha! 🙂

      • My mother was elated that I read whatever I could get my hands on
        and encouraged my doing so.
        My father was the opposite, often going into long winded tirades
        that were mostly racial in context – his belief was that anything I
        needed to know came from him.
        I soon learned to hide books and read them in the woods or anywhere
        he wasn’t present, that is until he gifted us by leaving.
        I found a rain soaked and tattered copy of The Hunchback of Notre
        Dame one time during an infrequent trip to town, a few days later
        when he discovered I not only had it but was attempting to read it
        he went off the deep end.
        After hurling the book about bouncing it off walls he tore it to shreds,
        made the usual dire threats, shook me til my teeth rattled, and set me
        to cleaning up the mess he made.
        I’m sure my mother knew and knows what I was and have been
        about, the victories and defeats, the accomplishing and failing.
        For our people I am a advocate for either culturally centric schools
        or home schooling – home schooling that involves “classes” composed
        of multiple students and a revolving “staff” of teacher/parents
        participants providing input and sharing responsibility.
        More exposure and more socialization.
        That on the face of it may sound like a formal school, but at least
        the mental image I have of it isn’t, and as the weather dictates I
        think the classroom should always be outdoors.
        Open air – maybe even a roof with no walls, windows, or doors.
        Bottom line is that “students” wouldn’t be churned out as another
        brick in the wall – they would know those things necessary to succeed
        but also be grounded in our ways and fully knowledgeable about our
        The names Jerry Lang and Harvey Hill don’t ring a bell.
        One thing I don’t do is edit comments, though there are those who if
        they don’t get their way have accused me of doing so – but then they’ve
        also accused me of being “fed”,”sellout”, and “hater” – so I figure if
        they can’t even get their story straight not much else they have to say
        could be any value.
        As to bragging I’m not into that thinking that what a person does
        should stand or fall on it’s own merit without a lot of look at me.
        On the other hand I won’t hesitate to compliment or offer praise,
        especially when children are involved, but have a tendency to squirm
        a little if directed my way.
        Hopefully you leg/knee is better

      • Gifted you with leaving 😀 Your cooperative homeschool sounds good to me. This model is used a lot in Florida, but usually with commercially produced religious curriculums. The internet, if will stay accessible, is now a wonderful asset. However, much that used to be free, now costs $$ as people either get greedy, or find that necessity requires they have an income.

        In order to avoid some of the standardized learning markers and requirements, what works in Forida, and a few other states, is for some one to register themselves as a private school, and agree to be responsible for the Dept. of Education book keeping and paper work. In Florida, that is (was?)immunizations and attendance. As more families decide to homeschool, the time consuming effort can become cumbersome and require updated computers, postage, and even travel. To ensure that homeschooling remained legal, we formed a statewide Florida Homeschooling Law group, to monitor related legislation. Homeschoolers are attacked regularly on multiple fronts. It is entirely illegal in some countries. Germany for example. And entirely illegal in some states. Texas used to be the easiest. Then the states that had “Six Hundred” schools. That is, the private “umbrella schools” are second easiest to be in compliance. It is sad, but having official looking documents and ID cards (saying educator) with a logo and school group name go a long ways toward making it acceptable as an alternative, especially if joining in remains voluntary. “Educators” and students are elibible for discounts at several retailers, such as Barnes and Noble. There are various homeschool book fairs and materials exchanges in some areas. I don’t remember there being any sort of proof of status needed. Just knowing about it and being able to show up or help with it.

        You have a wonderful idea, but it will require a commitment of everyday, and some nights — TIME — for somebody to keep get it started and to keep it going. And one or two family’s commitment, to start. They will of course be so happy, that others will want to join in, too. If someone can be the private school, a minimum of resources will be needed to get started. You just have to do it.
        Ha! Yes, thank you, my knee has stopped those involuntary bad technique kicks 😀 Just bruised. One of those jokes Creator plays to keep me happy. hahahaha

      • I’ve read that home schooling is gaining favor- that of course will translate
        to disfavor for others – but I’ve also read that by and large children home
        schooled do better during testing.
        Teaching is an honorable profession, but when done within the system comes with
        restrictions and a prescribed curriculum – I’m sure there are teachers who
        feel stifled by that, but probably not much they can do about it.
        I don’t know how the non indigenous feel about it but as I’ve said I believe it
        is important for our children to be well versed in our history, understand our
        traditions, and be fluent in the language…after all, they are our children.
        As you say, it just has to be done accompanied by an unwavering commitment.
        I kind of have a mental image of involuntary kicking in a public place, what
        it could lead to – wondering also if I could use that as alibi if I ever decided
        to kick someone.

      • It wouldn’t be a very effective defense.

        That particular reflex only liftsthe lower leg forward. If you are not sitting with legs dangling, there is nowhere for it to go without hyper-extending and REALLY injuring the knee (like dirt-bikers and bike-racers do).

        Mine only tried to kick forward when I shifted my weight to that leg. The foot holding one’s weight is not the one to have in the air.

        Better to have a bag of cans and let the friendly puppies set it to swinging.

        I’ve always been hyper-reflexive , docs thought I was faking for a while. Little tap and my foot would kick them, in the chin or elsewhere. Sometimes this is helpful. Sometimes not so much.

        There are a lot of involuntary movement disorders. Even strokes can have that symptom. I don’t think temper tantrums count as involuntary after about age 2. But if the judge were to laugh out loud, you might be able to use that as an example of an unexpected involuntary RESPONSE, not so different from kicking a deserving ____ . I have some test subjects in mind. I could point them in your direction, if you want to try it out 🙂

        Do you have your language?

  3. Reblogged this on undiscoveredrealms and commented:
    What interests me is in these dollar stores you can find a name brand product available at a significantly lower price.

    If you look at the label and information it is written in Spanish – the clear indication is the same product if labeled in English and marketed directly in the U.S. comes with a higher price tag.

    Companies don’t sell at a loss, neither do stores. They may claim they do for tax purposes but they don’t. And that begs the question what are the profit margins? What level is acceptable in a foreign market and what on home ground? How much gouging takes place?

    Obviously it is higher in the U.S. for the same item than elsewhere.

    Obama is heading to India for a conference, a part of the agenda is related to pharmaceuticals India manufactures, maintains a high level of quality in doing so, and yet markets them for a significantly lower price. Specifically drugs related to the treatment of HIV.

    Another example is the same drugs manufactured in this country by the same company are sold in Canada for less.

    • Things being what they are something else that amazes is that
      the rank and file of a political party will always find a way
      to minimize the realities.
      Had such an encounter today at the lumber yard, a person asked
      me if “we” (indigenous people) appreciated all that Obama had
      done for us?
      When I replied that I didn’t like what he had done, was continuing
      to do, and hadn’t done.
      I was asked “like what”? Big mistake as it is a long list, and
      ultimately they had no rebuttal.
      Thanks for the reblog.

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