5 comments on “THE SACRED LAND REDUX

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    So much of what of has gone on in ndn country since the formation of AIM and continues to this day in my opinion is the direct result of the negative influence of, and examples set by AIM, specifically the AIM leadership.

    Such a statement will surely lead to howls of protest by some but nonetheless it is a reality that remains.

    It’s impossible to say if the negatives would have occurred anyway, or to what extent, but the connection and rapid decline can be evaluated by using time as a metric.

    In doing so and using the advent of AIM as a marker the connection is indisputable.

      • Life’s a mixed-bag ‘buffet’..so my blog reflects that…an experiment is letting Life be reflected in a blog.
        So far, so good…I’ve got followers from all manner of professions, countries, interests. 🙂
        Ty for browing it!
        And as always, you’re quit welcome and TY for posting the info & articles you do! 🙂

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