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    not being perfect myself and never having expected it of anyone, I’ve attempted to live my life with a measure of integrity and principles- I don’t think that is too much to expect of someone who attempts to portray themselves as a leader or“patriot”.
    AIM’s desire has always been for people “to let that go”-to let go and forget the rampage at WK2, the murders of Annie Mae, Ray Robinson, and countless others-all which occurred as they were doing what they thought was “right”.

    • Thank you – was talking with somebody and mentioned your lynx, he told me used
      to live in Arizona and one day while out hiking stumbled across a Javelina no
      more than two or three weeks old, no mother to be found, so he took he it home
      and raised it.
      Said it used to follow him around like a dog, was very smart, an excellent
      “watchdog”, and very protective of his new family.
      I’ve got about a twelve inch scar on my leg from a hybrid feral pig, but that’s
      another story.
      Said he had a “family portrait” and would show it to me next time we crossed

      • Lynx…man, I blinked and someone stole our baby Lynxies and replaced them with these nearly full-grown bratcats!! 😀
        Javelinas, never knew about them until now…quite interesting, and nice to know they are as described above!
        They also are not animals to be trifled with I read, so that Javelina would be a Formidable defender of the family!!
        Feral pigs, they can be so bloody dangerous and destructive…I from what I’ve heard I’d say you’re lucky it wasn’t worse!!

      • LOL…I was kidding, it just seems that I blinkd and our two babies just grew up ovrnight!! 😀
        As for feral, they have been taught how to hunt with some things hubby developed for teaching Lynx orphans how to hunt, but they’re ‘Indoor Lynx’, though they have open access to a large ‘playroom’ outside for basking and hanging out on logs and such. 🙂
        But, they continue to grow well, they’re healthy, happy (spoiled somewhat) and give back the love they get, so I have no complaints.
        But I’ll always remember them as the babies they were. 😀

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