15 comments on “WOMEN ARE WARRIORS TOO

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    No doubt can possibly exist that the women of the nations have been warriors and remain so to this day as a matter of necessity related to some of the issues they face.

    The thing about posters such as this and even photos is the manner they can be manipulated, not a difficult task with editing programs to delete a name for example.

    Unretouched, as in the example provided above, the name of Annie Mae Pictou Aquash is included, when you view this on different occasions the expectation is you will see it along with the other names – though there are names on this list with a direct involvement of a bound and beaten interrogation of Annie that should only be featured on arrest warrants and court dockets.

    As this appeared on Last Real Indians Annie’s name was missing though – not something accidental, or glitch related – intentional.

    The kidnapping and murder of Annie wasn’t accidental, it was planned and deliberate, just as removing her name was.

      • Sorry for being out of touch for a while, but powerplants don’t design thmselves, and our technology holds enormous benefits to The Peoples of The Nations.
        We found Hydraulic fluid for the plant’s collector mast extenders that’s Genuinely biodegradable also, a minor victory, but one we’re happy about. 😀
        I hope you and your loved ones are well!! 🙂

      • Victories large or small are victories nonetheless – have a friend looking into
        alternative fuels for combustion engines, like vegetable oil etc. Haven’t discussed
        it with him for a while but will do so now in having thought about it.
        Congrats on your victory – I assume this fluid is readily available?

      • Yeppers, here’s the two products we took serious note of:


        Alternative fuels are good, but still limited in benefits, and still involve some inconveniences.
        To wit, the experimental Intrepid hubby refit for electric propulsion uses a compacted form of our solar & wind based system…he drove it from here in alberta to the atlantic provinces, and around them on business for 2 weeks bfore driving home.
        Not once did he have to resort to exterior charging systems. It mounts solar cells on hood, toof and trunklid with ducts feeding air into 2 kilowatt-level wind turbines that exit at the rear of the car so the low pressure region caused by the car’s own travel also acts to Pull air through even as it’s being rammed in from the front. The ‘gas tank’ looks the same as normal for that make/model, but is in fact an insulated polymer plastic housing for the batteries.
        A recent mod is flexible drive cables coupled to the rear wheels (similar to how old mechanical speedometers were driven) that drive two additional Kilowatt level permanent magnet generators that have been installed. The car’s front wheel drive, so now the rear wheels actually DO something useful. 🙂
        Net result? No more having to stop for a fillup or splashing fuel on shoes nd such. NO emissions obviously, and vastly reduced maintenance costs. No exhaust system to corrode, no air filters, fuel filters, etc..
        I’ve never liked gasoline and such, the smell always hits me in the stomach.

      • Thanks for the links, I view alternative fuels as a temporary
        measure, and what people fail to realize is that hybrid gas/electric
        or electric cars still require massive resources under the current
        system to produce energy for them.
        I suspect in the not too distant future if it hasn’t occurred
        already we will see charging facilities at gas stations.
        Ethanol was touted and subsidized as a partial solution, yet
        it requires more energy to produce than it supplies.
        I don’t particularly like the idea of a land or seascape riddled
        with windmills, but I dislike the idea of wells even more.
        The imperative is to allow and provide a way for the environment
        to recover and the best approach seems to solar and ideas like
        the one’s you suggest and develop.

      • Our latest redesign of our powerplant increased energy collection per-Hectare to 28 Gigawatts of combined solar and wind energy.
        Also, the plan, once we build our ‘showcase’ plant (In an Industrial zone) is to show folks how it can be near-invisibly retrofit to existing structures like apartment buildings, malls and such. No virgin land needs to be used for those ugly windfarms anymore, or those bloody solar farms.
        I agree with you, and as you can assume, so does hubby. 🙂
        Biofuels, well…as you point out, there’s problems with them. Also, combustion-based power is just….obsolete.
        I’ll be doing a post about how we manage to get such collection levels in an upcoming post, once we finish up some tweaks on the redesign.
        But I will say this: We do such with off-the-shelf parts.
        Also, our system works in a manner that the Intermittency of solar and wind power is eliminated. It’s actually a very simple system. 😀

      • Retrofitting will be an important aspect, and off the shelf parts will
        only serve to enhance.
        One of the main issues with “going green” as it currently is presented
        is the associated cost of profit taking, and in many cases the
        unacceptable level of efficiency – ethanol is a classic example.
        Products labeled organic in many instances follow the same marketing
        strategy – my thought is if organic is the better dietary approach
        producers should strive to make it affordable to those who would
        benefit the most.
        Instead it has become somewhat cultish in nature with claims made
        that stretch the truth – an example would be pricey bottled water,
        and one of the latest fads, coconut water/milk.
        Even a cursory examination reveals that the “benefits” of said water/milk
        are exaggerated and the promotion is exploitative.
        I’m all for living a healthy lifestyle, but the reality is a growing
        number have effectively been excluded due to cost. In that I say the
        “health supplements” industry and organic farming community bear something
        more than a passing resemblance to their counterparts and insurance companies.
        When you have the post up you mention feel free to link it here as I would
        like to see it as will others.

      • I’ll keep you int the loop, no worries!
        Your points on Organic, exactly right. Now, while this following might seem weird given our convo about microfarming, it’s not really, just a matter of scale. 🙂
        One thing we plan to do shortly after we build our ‘showcase’ powerplant is to establish an Industrial scale Organic farming project, with the intent to undercut existing prices.
        We’ll be doing this by installing it’s own power system, so it’ll have no energy overhead costs and will earn a profit from energy sales, allowing prices to be reduced. Using the thermally sterilized soil-and-compost mix, allows a much better control over weeds and such, thus no non-organic pesticides/fungicides will be needed.
        During harvests, any rejected produce goes to compost, and we will be buying compostables from the public/fast food restaurants, etc..
        The overall structure will be Vertical, and involve aquaculture as well…so we’ll be selling fish, 100% hormone free fish. Fish wastes, post-thermalization/sterilization makes a good addition to compost also.
        Alongside/integral will be a dedicated earthworm ‘nursery’…and we will be selling high-quality worms.
        Thus, multiple revenue streams come together to really reduce the price for organic produce as well as finding ways to cut costs that also boost efficiency/yield.

        Energy systems, yes, the profittaking is a problem, they consider it a cash cow, and also take ruthless and extreme advantage of Subsidies…maning folks pay more both on the bill AND in Taxes.
        Our powerplant will NOT be subsidized, it will earn back it’s costs and supply/generate a good profit, and do so competitively…we do NOT have any fuel or fuel-related costs, so we can split those savings with consumers and STILL be extremely profitable even though we will be charging MUCH less than the competition per Kilowatt. 😉
        Another major advantag we have is the off-the-shelf parts and the fact that they will last a LONG time before needing rebuilds. The AC generators last over 11 years of continuous operation before they will need a rebuild, as example.
        Maintenance costs are cut, thus savings passed to consumers and better wages for employees.

      • The world stands on the cusp of a “green” explosion as awareness increases,
        that awareness is perceived as a threat by all corporate entities, and in
        the main the reason why they spend millions in lobbying money to purchase the
        votes of politicians, who through association seem to think they are insulated.
        Change, meaningful change, never emanates from the top – it must begin at the
        bottom, overcome a cultivated inertia and migrate upward, which by design is
        becoming increasingly more difficult.
        Money in it’s physical self has no more character than a piece a paper, it is
        the the manner in which it is acquired and employed that defines it.
        The current ideology is to charge the most the market will bear, glorify greed as
        success, and denigrate those who “fall through the cracks”.
        A system by it’s very nature that will inevitably implode, and the less dependent
        people are the better off they will be.
        A big percentage of cost associated with products are those of transportation, the
        middle man in a manner of speaking, reduce transportation costs and that should be
        reflected in markets, add to that independent utility producers and co ops and the
        dynamic becomes something entirely different – one might even say user friendly.
        Economists say almost as a consensus opinion that wages should be somewhere between
        fifteen and twenty dollars an hour – this however creates panic among the Republican
        party who continue to drone on about trickle down economics and the more wealth accrued
        by one percenters the more jobs, which was, is, and will remain a concept proven over the
        last few decades to be without merit.
        Armchair “activists” and “patriots” are long on talk about revolution, what is required
        is a revolution of consciousness, a rock solid commitment to meaningful change, an awakening
        of the sleeping giant the population represents.
        That will begin in my opinion when people forget about party labels and demand accountability.
        Politicians regardless of persuasion are not the home team, the people are. Banks, utility
        companies, and corporations are not anyone’s friend.

      • Independent truckers are being driven out of existence by the high cost
        of fuel and permits – yet good or bad the country relies heavily on the
        trucking industry – these associated distribution costs reflect themselves
        at the checkout stand and have led to the dominance of corporate trucking
        companies, and undoubtedly price fixing to some degree.
        It may be perceived as a radical thought but in a way it might better serve
        the national interest if such transportation and distribution were considered
        a public utility in much the same way the internet should be.
        I believe the internet should be free, that those who profit from it
        should pay the freight for maintenance and distribution rather than charge
        for access, data mine every scarp of personal information, and in turn
        market that.
        I also believe that if such personal information is to be gathered and
        sold a contractual agreement should be in effect where profits are shared
        with those being pimped.
        Not only that but an opt in opt out iron clad clause should be in effect
        as well.
        A national endeavor to cultivate alternative energy sources would reduce
        not only the national debt but dependency, which also translates to
        vulnerability, on foreign resources.
        But in a climate of greed such realities are anathema to the anthem of
        take as much as you can.

      • The internet, I’m still pondering that one. But personal info, I agree with you totally!
        As for trucking, you make some good points, but we’re going to try our experiment…we plan to buy or build a small trucking firm, with converted trucks, and will be hiring Independents who will be part owners also.
        There is price-fixing, we learned that first hand, but there’s a waay to break that…by outright undercutting them and forcing the big boys to adapt to our model, or be driven under.
        We do NOT want to control or even dominate in that industry, but we’re going to influence them to change by hitting them in their wallets.
        Permit costs we can fight for a reduction in using the global warming alarmism to establish ‘preferred’ status for converted trucking as it’s emissions free.
        A national effort on energy sources would be nice, but arabian oil still has too much power, so it’s up to folks like us to stand alone for the time being.

      • Employee ownership whether partial or as a co operative venture I believe
        facilitates success, dedication, and loyalty, for all have a vested
        interested, something more than a paycheck.
        I’ve had more than one heated exchange related to my position about the
        internet, even been called a communist and socialist – the truth of the matter
        is the internet providers didn’t invent the net, scientists did as a medium
        of exchanging information among their community.
        At one point they even offered the technology to phone companies as a
        public service, but as there was no perceived monetary advantage at the time
        the offer was turned down.
        Now providers have a stranglehold, can pretty much charge what they want
        even though we rank around thirtieth in the world for internet speed.
        Which translates to me as being criminal in nature as they literally make
        billions and influence legislation.
        The so called “free market” economy is non existent when you factor in
        the lack of competition re price fixing and the defacto monopolies that
        exist – hitting them in the wallet is exactly what is needed.

      • That’s why we want to bring in the truck drivers regarding that venture, it’s better for them, for us, for the company, customers. We intend to lead by example.

        The internet thing, I do agree on some of your points…I just do NOT trust gov’t to do it properly.
        That said, I do agree that things need to change for th better regarding the internet…I just have no ideas to offer.
        Yours do have merit, but I am wary about gov’t getting too involved.

        Hitting the competition in the wallet is the only thing they are able to understand. If they were capable of any true intelligence, they’d have better business models, rather than seeking monopoly and laziness from lack of competition worry.
        Too bad, things are about to change, and there’s nothing they can really do about it.

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