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    Will people buy into it? Of course they will, too many love them some conspiracy, too many walk around in a self induced coma, too many are armchair activists who are capable of little more than than being a sponge that soaks up the party line.

    There are people who champion Charles Manson, skinheads who do likewise of Hitler-should any be surprised that there are those who would champion Peltier, Graham, and the wannabe chiefs?

      • I in fact did and that led me to bouncing around the net
        looking for related information.
        The beauty of aquaponics is it basically is self sustaining
        if set up correctly, and has the potential if a greenhouse is
        is included as part of the design to produce food year round.
        A simple greenhouse or one more involved depending on climate.
        The more involved though the better I think it would be as a
        communal effort.

      • Exactly!! Glad you found the post and I tried to include the most informative links I could, and some sources I linked to have articles on it, what fish work best, etc..
        As you say, it can work WONDERFULLY as a Communal system, or even for an individual. Scale-ability. 😀
        Greenhouses, never much of a problem to build, and as you say, will then produce year-round.
        This is one of the things I see as our People being able to use to work towards a better, healthier future–I did catch your posts about Diabetes and such–as well as a very Solid economical future away from casinos and such problematic things.
        Also, Aquaponics come with VASTLY fewer nuisances, stress, hassles and such than even the best-run casinos.
        And…many folks oppose casinos, but everyone loves Quality, Fresh produce. 😀
        One thing I really appreciate about it is it uses such little space, and to get fish, it means an alternative to depleting natural fish stocks, so it reduces the ‘drain’ on wild fish populations.
        Also, saves $$ and as an example of the above benefits to the Nations, ours actually earns us a small income from small sales of fish and produce at our Farmer’s Market.

      • “ours actually earns us a small income from small sales of fish and produce at our Farmer’s Market.”

        The added bonus of a cottage industry, some thing I’m very much in

      • Then we think alike. 🙂 Cottage Industry can be quite powerful and veery beneficial economically, as well as emotional, spiritual benefits from self-reliance and independence, knowing that one is not entirely dependent on ‘the system’ tends to aleviate stress.

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