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  1. As the story goes Durham was exposed when a paycheck stub
    from the government was found in his van, whether that’s true
    or not is anyone’s guess, it just seems a little iffy to me that
    Durham would have been receiving something so potentially
    risky as a paycheck issued by the government, even more so
    that he would have kept the stubs in a vehicle used to conduct
    AIM business and ferry them around in.
    However the discovery was made Durham had reached the end of
    the line and went public in what I imagine was issuing himself an
    insurance policy.
    Too much exposure in doing so to wind up the victim of fire,
    suicide by first slashing your face and then your throat, or a bullet
    in the back of his head.
    The reputation AIM had crafted for itself was seriously impacted,
    and probably would have been it’s death knell had everything that
    Durham learned and reported were made public and pursued with
    prosecutions – a decision not to the DOJ apparently made.
    Now forty years later we have the DOJ saying they aren’t interested
    in pursuing crimes forty years or more older in what can only be
    seen as a new statute of limitations being issued when it comes to
    murder, or perhaps as some have suggested part of an ongoing
    coverup….not even willing to pursue a civil rights violation case.

    • Pay it forward Shard – a lot of information available on the net
      if you root around for it, sometimes you have to get a little
      imaginative with search terms though.
      Another part of the Durham story is that he is ultimately responsible
      for the death of Jancita Eagle Deer, a rape victim of one time South
      Dakota governor Bill Janklow.
      This accusation may or may not be true as it originates from Dennis
      Banks – someone who having been made to look like an outright fool
      after Durham was outed and probably looking for some payback.

  2. What is it that they say, ” The more that things change the more they stay the same?” I think more than Dennis Banks said that Durham killed Eagle Deer. Why don’t you call for a wide scale investigations of the FED’S to find out if they were complicit in her murder and then put the agents involved in jail? How come Janklow never was convicted of her rape? Then fast forward to today. The FBI CRIMINALS are still at it:

    • I don’t know who is responsible for Jancita being in the condition she was when struck
      by a car do you?
      I know you’re eager to defend the Shaimsters but if you’ll read what was written again
      you’ll note that I said the accusation involving Durham “origninated” with Banks – once
      having done so I’m sure others picked it up, that might make it gospel in your book
      but not in mine, it would require something more than Banks word, which is
      As you also know I have blogged about Jancita and Janklow on several occasions, never
      had a kind word to say about Janklow and still don’t. Don’t have anything nice to say
      about Durham, Wilson, or your boys either.
      I’m all for a full scale investigation into every issue this blog addresses, that’s
      part of why I say ANY with any level of complicity need to be held to account – again,
      something you can’t bring yourself to say.
      If you’re in favor of full scale investigations how about one involving Means and Janklow,
      or Means and the Abourezks? What about one into the murder of Ray Robinson at WK2 and
      those unmarked graves?
      Janklow skated as we all know because during that time the feds did very little
      to prosecute the rape of an indigenous woman – VAWA is supposed to address that but
      we’ll see – Janklow’s position apparently served to further indemnify him, but the bottom
      line was he was a walking talking piece of shit and in that capacity I suppose it was only
      natural that he would swirl around the same pool as Means….you know, that pardon
      he felt compelled to grant Means, and those happy holidays when Janklow toured the rez
      as Santa with Means as his elf?
      If Durham was physically abusing Jancita he apparently was cut from the same thug cloth
      as AIM was – one would think that AIM “warriors” would have risen to the occasion to
      defend an indigenous woman don’t you agree? Apparently Banks felt that merely saying to
      “let her go” was sufficient, his version of the warriors way…..that is if he actually said
      it or merely something he made up afterwards being the pathological liar he is known to
      Am I surprised the feds are hovering around Keystone activists? Not at all – the only
      surprise to me would be if they are the only agency doing so.
      Do I think they have a right to? No, the only justification would be if federal crimes
      are being committed.
      Being only one person in calling for a full scale investigation I kinda of doubt
      those with the ability to do so would respond – strength in numbers though could make a
      difference – and as we know the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step, so
      how about joining me in calling for all with any complicity in the crimes this blog
      addresses be held to account?
      If two individuals with such opposing positions as you and I could find a common ground in
      doing so it’s possible a new movement would begin – an accountability movement playing no
      favorites and issuing no free passes – therein no criminals be they AIM or fed would be
      able to continue.
      We could begin by starting something as simple as an Aavaz petition and take it from there.

      • @rezinate and others who shares the interest; Im working on a major project that has the possibility to kickstart a full scale investigation. You really seem to know a lot- beyond what public source material can bring to light. I wrote my history dissertation on AIM and the government’s handling of Wounded Knee II and haven’t come close to figure out the character and complexity of Douglas Durham. I really hope you want to discuss this further? Im especially looking into Dick Wilson’s ‘Reign of Terror’, the 60+ unsolved murders and the Goon Squad (FBI / BIA connection) Let me know if you know something and want to talk – 929 459 1960

      • I’d suggest you contact Paul DeMain at News From Indian Country – he’s well versed in all this and a principal investigative figure being the owner of NFIC and a journalist – pretty much led the charge for years/decades.

  3. Well, I assume SB doesn’t like the idea of a “full scale”
    investigation that would play no favorites since he hasn’t
    responded to the suggestion – doesn’t surprise me though as
    the mere mention of holding any and all with any level of
    complicity accountable is met with silence.
    Maybe it’s just time to write another song or a letter to Peltier
    detailing what the bogeyman has done……it ain’t easy being a
    Peltierite or lAIMster supporter.

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