1. YIKES!! Is that photo Nurse Ratchet?

    Indeed men are fortunate that women pay attention.

    Just a few months ago my Dear Husband, found that a missing screw in his table saw was important. There are a lot of small details that were ignored by Dear Husband. Altogether these small details led to a terrible emergency. A smaller less well muscled person would have had a hand in two separate pieces or no hand. Youngest son and I looked at (just before dawn, the Veterans Administration hospital where he goes is almost 200 miles away. I came home while he was asleep to get some stuff for him.) the evidence while Dear Husband was still in hospital. The steel guard plate was exactly fifteen feet BEHIND where Dear Husband had been standing. As a carpenter, you know how heavy that plate is. Three of the teeth of the saw where embedded in the steel plate. Two of the teeth are still missing. Where was his eye protection? Hanging on a nail, nearby, unused….blood spatter as much as five feet away, in only one direction …

    We could see exactly what the sequence of events was, but not what initiated it. My Husband later told me the screw, which holds the front of the guard plate flush, in place, had been missing for 30 years, longer than I have known him, AND he was trying to cut a too thick piece of wood at an odd angle without a guide using only his hands. FURIOUS !! I was more than angry. I still am.

    When he was finally healed enough to be doing strengthening exercises with that hand, what happened? A detail. A small detail forgotten, and a band saw came OFF and sliced that same arm, just below the elbow. If it had been someone smaller, less well muscled, slower reflexes … NO ARM.

    If there had not been a WOMAN to stop the bleeding and get him situated to ride the hundred eighty miles to hospital …. without bleeding to death …. he takes blood thinners, has a pace-maker … other heart problems.

    Now, almost six months after the table saw and three months after the band saw, he is playing with all of his sharp noisy toys again, but he still has to do strengthening exercises, and he can grasp, but not so tightly, and he cannot make a fist, with that hand/arm, but …….RRRRR MEN!!!

    When Creator was handing out Good Sense …. were men just too busy thinking about the Big Picture?

    P.S. Dear Husband is divorced from Nurse Ratchet. Only she had black hair and big glasses that point up on the corners. She has a sweet little squeaky voice, though.

    • I know more than one person with a missing finger or two from table saws, a hard
      lesson to learn – sometimes on a job you get into some precarious positions or
      reach too far with a tool, the result of focusing on getting the job done.
      I’ve been pretty lucky I suppose, no lasting injuries, but I don’t really push the
      limits, though there are those who would take exception to my saying so.
      Was working with a friend once and as I was the stronger of the two I was holding
      3/4 plywood in place on a wall while he nail gunned it, not sure how it happened but
      he was gunning and bouncing along and drove a framing nail into my hand -the head
      caught on a bone or I would have just pulled my hand loose, instead I had to pull
      the nail out a hammer.
      Other than that only been banged up a little.
      Understanding what lies behind the nurse Ratchet look I appreciate and accept it
      for what it is, but when accompanied by the hands on the hips and the mock look
      of exasperation I can’t help but laugh, in doing so it paves the way for more laughter.
      I came into the world with a total of twenty digits and plan on leaving the same

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