1. I have always believed in the nurture side of the nurture-nature debate and also that prejudice is acquired from parental influence and the immediate social environment. But there was a study (would have to find it and see how well it was validated over time) that showed that there are genetic predispositions to prejudice.

    • I suspect there is a truth in that as I believe there is a genetic
      memory that leads to predispositions – studies exist that water
      has a “memory”, and since our bodies are composed to a
      high degree of water such a predisposition could exist in that
      as well.
      A lot of possibilities that in the majority are beyond my limited
      ability to understand.
      If the civil rights movement is taken as the beginning of a new
      understanding considering the ensuing decades “acceptance”
      will require generations.
      It seems to me that prejudice and bigotry are alive and well,
      that if one isn’t religiously politically correct the race card is
      the first one to be dealt – that at times it becomes a foil for
      noted poverty pimps who make their living off of it and they
      themselves become obstacles.

  2. A mitochondrial genetic study was done, written up for the public in THE SEVEN DAUGHTERS OF EVE. Mitochondrial DNA mutates at a given rate and is inherited ONLY through our mothers. (Mitochondria, within cells, determine how we use energy. That, right there’ would require more centuries of attention than most of us have available, to think about.) Anyway, in this book, that, does not mention energy, it was stated that of the populations sampled, all over the entire world, that all of us are so closely related that we ALL descend from just seven MOTHERS. Everybody.

    I gave birth to four boys. My half sister has a granddaughter, through her daughter. I have grandchildren through my sons. My half sister’s granddaughter is more mitochondrial-ly similar to me than my own biological grandchildren.

    The Seven Daughters of Eve – Wikipedia, the free …

    Mitochondrial DNA – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    There have been a bunch of blood type and other sorts of studies done. Most of those try to trace lineage through fathers. This is the only one that uses mitochondrial DNA (at the time of the book publishing) to consider the Mothers in this way.

    • Lot of interesting studies related to Mitochondrial DNA, I’ve read a few
      but mostly too technical for me.
      A couple of years ago I read a study about the three Eve’s of indigenous
      people in this hemisphere, distinct markers resulting from mutations.
      Mutations sound like something bad but that isn’t always the case, immunities
      are the result of mutations along with a variety of others things.
      I may have archived the article on an external – will look for it and if
      so post it.

      • I believe it is but not a hundred percent sure – a friend gave me the January
        issue of National Geographic – and issue devoted to “firsts”. In it they
        have an article about the “first” indigenous person – a twelve year old
        girl whose remains they’ve dated to be 12,000 years old found in a cave.
        A great edition and magazine but I take issue with the claim of “first”
        as there are sites much older that clearly indicate human habitation.
        It may be these are the oldest skeletal remains, if so that should have
        been stipulated.

      • Maybe an editor cut words and the author is jumping up and down saying “that is not what I said”, and there is a correction in microscopic print in some future issue. I can probably do a search to find it in Nat Geo. If it is full of incorrect assumptions you may prefer to not post it.

        If I do find it, I’ll try to place a link here in replies and you can use it for a reference, or not, so you won’t have to fill up your blog with that stuff. Especially as what you author yourself is … well, it’s yours. πŸ™‚

      • The title seems disingenuous to me when considering the “Clovis” era alone predates 12,000 years.
        That leads me think in view of your words maybe it was an editorial error.
        The article states that due to the rise in oceans there may well be older sites further down,
        something I fully agree with, and also believe that as the glaciers continue to melt other sites
        will be found as well.
        The farther north you go the older the sites, some, though in dispute by various factions, date
        back forty and possibly even sixty thousand years.
        It’s also a fact that the farther east you go the younger the sites, yet there are those dating
        in excess of twenty thousand years.
        Would appreciate any links you provide whether I would agree or not.

      • The cyber world is amazing, but also, it is easier to spread wrong information and outright lies, with so-called references and … I keep discovering how untrustworthy are words that are written in air.

        Good people are defiled and monsters glow rainbows (started to say something else). Pictures lie and statistics are manufactured. 😦

      • Going to delve into the external, that may take some time
        as the “filing system” is chaotic and it kind of has a
        mind of it’s own.
        Made sense at the time when I labeled various folders but
        it’s like the Enigma Code now.

      • I can’t think so fast. I read something, or hear something, it takes a while to see if it fits with what else I (think I) know, or if I just have to file it in the “maybe” department, or throw out the old stuff … just keeping enough to recognize when somebody uses that wrong stuff to prove their theories.

      • Kind of like highlighting passages or words as you go along,
        apparently works as books are often filled with such things.
        I do that as well as tear a scrap of paper to insert as a
        marker – some books I have literally have dozens of such markers.

      • Too funny.
        Turns the light on about maybe using different colored paper
        related to importance…..but I’d probably wind up confusing

      • Good news – someone was telling me there’s a movie named Zombeavers,
        I suspect if it meets with any success the next will be Zomrabbits.

      • Good hesitation … it is sorta gross..

        BUT … I have been known to make jokes back and forth … on rare, very rare, occasions (not recently, not in over 23 years) .. all night long, everybody’s muscles all hurting the next day from laughing so much. Nothing gets done. no work, no plans, no GOOD ideas (some really REALLY BAD TERRIBLE ideas) nothing accomplished … but was fun anyway. Haven’t thought about those laughing nights in a long time. Only two of those laughing People still live in this world. Me and one other … and I am not all here, all of the time.

        Some things are fun to remember. Thank you. Just for the fun of it. It is sort of like looking at everything upside down backwards. 😈

      • Always good to share a laugh and can become contagious, I still think
        Zomrabbits has potential, kind of payback – an army of rabbits in 3D
        at CineMax.

      • My boys like Monty Python.

        Your Zomrabbit might should be a Zomhare .

        Australia could use a few. If you promote it right, like the Jackalope, some people in Oz might even want to import the rare Amerindian Zomhare. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ Or maybe you or someone could get a job with the state Dept of Natural REsources trapping the Rare Amerindian Zomhare, so that they don’t over populate like the ordinary hares. You will have to think up some characteristics for it. Do they tear up other hares, all rodents, people, or all warm blooded critters? The teeth don’t need changing, nor do those disemboweling hind legs.

        I knew (know) a Harvard Ph.D EVOLUTIONARY BIOLOGIST who fell prey to the Jackalope myth. Hahahaha. He took me aside and showed me a post card, and asked if they were real. “You lived in Montana, did you see any of these? How did they evolve?” Hahaha they evolved at the taxidermist, and they have been on the post card rack since 1954. Yes, I saw the post cards when I was little, and the hardware store had the taxidermist masterpiece (which I thought was awful and ugly and gross and stupid.) But maybe not so stupid as I though. The scientist believed it, enough to as me privately. He had thought that maybe he could get a grant to go study them. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

        Maybe your Zomhares, or rabbits, could be like locusts. When they start bumping into , each other too much, they change from ordinary grasshoppers into a plague…. All the touching each other lets them know they are over populated and have to do something about it. ??????

      • The zombie craze hasn’t run it’s course yet and the possibilities
        are endless. I’ve seen a couple of mounted Jackalopes and probably
        at least initially some were taken in – I thought at one point to
        follow up on sightings of the elusive jackabou but never did,
        something I still regret.

      • Genetic history of indigenous peoples of the Americas … This Wiki article makes reference to the remains found in Oregon in 2014, so it is fairly recent and has a lot of good info, including a link to some basic genetics. I found a lot of Nat. Geo. articles, but none seemed to be what I was looking for, yet. This article carefully stats, “oldest remains found and dated” or something similar, with credit to whoever it needs to go to. They like to use the term “Amerind” and people like the Temucuan, and Algonquin, don’t seem to be included. There is reference to Greenland, but not Eastern Woodlands., or South East. Or maybe I didn’t read far enough yet. Or maybe there are people that still love Andrew Jackson.

        Seven Faces of Eve is in layman’s terms, by a British team. They seem to have fun with their studies. I kind of like that.

        OK I haven’t read this article yet. Back to it. πŸ™‚

        Wikipedia . What an amazing idea πŸ™‚

        Thank you for waking up my interest in this, again. I had gotten side-tracked away.

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