18 comments on “GOATAPHOBIA

    • What has amused me are the emails I’ve received asking if I’m serious
      and myself a goataphobic – which I am not, though I will admit sparrows
      scare the hell of me with their chirping and hopping about.

      • And to that end the below link.
        I suppose it was inevitable that it would come to this, an
        uprising among the fourlegs and winged ones after generations
        of cowocide.
        Fitting that chickens would align with them.In the distant future
        it may be that the earth will become the planet of the cows.

      • Who will man the farms where crops are harvested currently known
        as grocery stores?
        I don’t think people realize how dependent they are for everything
        from food to water to energy. If so an awakening would take place.

      • Good points, especially relating to our convo on farming and such!!
        I suspect most folks prefer to not think about it…that their lives LITERALLY depend on one, slender supply-chain structure.
        Many folks I have noticed when one speaks of societal collapse immediately claim they’d go hunting…
        Which is hilarious when it comes from a softbellied SUV driving, gun-banning Liberal type who has been camping MAYBE once in their lives.
        I think back to who I was before meeting hubby, learning how to hunt, survive, tan skins, etc.. and it gives me chills to think how easily my life could have ended back the due to a societal upheaval and how little I’d have been able to do about it.
        I’d rather face the facts and know how to survive without society than remain in untroubled ignorance with an axe blade over my head.

      • Yeah, everybody would hunt and live off the land – I’ve seen people who express
        A desire to get away from it all and once there want to know where the closet
        Mall is.
        A Mormon told me once they are encouraged to store something like eighteen
        months worth of food, mostly of the tvp variety, but canned and dried goods
        as well.
        Some people would scoff at the idea but it seems like a good one to me if a
        person is able to.

      • Agreed, all points. Frankly, all the would-be hunters…they’d die in mass numbers. And I doubt most of them even understand how to use a rifle properly, let alone a bow, bola, fishnet…
        I LOVE getting out there…my ‘casual’ trips out to the local wilderlands, I need that. But when we go ‘camping’ we go deep wilderlands, minimal gear. We live out there for up to 3 weeks…when we can get away, and we go winter, summer…whenever.
        The would-be survivors, hell, imagine them trying to hunt in winter???
        Anyone can Learn, but they all come from the idea that somehow they’ll just ‘know’ what to do…and totally tune out any attempt to give them real info that might save their lives.
        Doesn’t work that way. Hell, one of the first times we went camping after getting married, I ended up staring down a VERY upset rattlesnake…I had NO clue we have them in southern Alberta!!
        And winter here, out doors, away from the waste heat of the city…it gets VERY cold…-40C and colder.
        A snazzy ski jacket won’t cut it. πŸ˜‰

        We keep a good stock on-hand, but our microfarming and such is our reaal strength…self-replenishing, unlike canned goods. πŸ˜‰
        And hunting is always viable…a short walk, and NP.

      • Population is such that if all had to rely on hunting we would soon be
        reduced to eating grass, if we all had to burn wood for cooking and heating
        we would soon live in a barren wasteland.
        Realities that stress the importance of alternative energy, not just that
        but construction techniques and materials as well.
        And entities like Monsanto should be enough to convince anyone to plant a small
        I’ve built domes in the past and they offer a lot of bang for the buck as
        they say – yurts are viable as is adobe and recycled materials.
        Recently I saw a site offering pre fab yurts erected on a slab for around
        seventy thousand dollars – an example of cashing in what is perceived as
        a green alternative.
        Being in construction the profit margin is clearly obvious to me regardless
        of how “alternative” the manufacturers present themselves.
        I haven’t an issue with profit, but I do with an obscene level of of profit.

      • well, here’s the post, and I mentioned in it that we Open-Source Licensed the Blackwinter System.


        Profit, and money, is like water…too little is not good…too much can drown you, and just cause problems aside from such anyways..
        We Open-Sourced to make a multi-billion $$ statement that we’re in this for more than just money. πŸ™‚
        I know what you mean about the caashing-in on Green…that’s one reason why we open-sourced also.
        We stand apart from the Green profiteers.
        Monstersanto, no kidding right?!!? GMO Salmon released into the wilds…NOT good.
        Construction materials, look up Hempcrete, it seems quite promising!

      • I’m familiar with hempcrete, and a viable incremental step in the right direction.
        Will check out the link in a few as I’m bouncing back forth responding to emails
        and the blog.
        Thanks for the link – have a couple of people in mind to send it on to.

      • as-and-when, no rush. πŸ™‚ hempcrete, yeah, it’s pretty good, a goos start and I’m sure there’ll be improvements over time.
        TY for thinking of passing the info along!

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