2 comments on “HOMAN SQUARE

    • “Environmental extremism” – And no mention of the extreme abuse of the environment
      by corporate entities. If the concern is crimes then they should have to look no farther than corporate doorsteps.
      The strategy to marginalize legitimate protest has always been to cast it in the
      light of a threat, if one doesn’t exist it can be created with tear gas, batons,
      and now tasers knowing that people will react to that, an approach no doubt promoted
      by corporate interests and willingly followed.
      Such a strategy will always involve the media and various elements of law enforcement,
      a well established formula.
      The pipeline may have been vetoed but it ain’t over yet as it is a high stakes
      game of profit. Much the same as net neutrality, Walker the current head of the
      FCC has come out in favor of neutrality, yet the FCC has left the doors conveniently
      open with related rulings it has made, and Walker’s “tactic” to insure neutrality
      is the same one previously denied by a federal court.
      So has Walker seen the light and is Obama’s position smoke and mirrors, something
      to enhance his “legacy” while being aware of these things and undoubtedly a lot more?
      Some measure of trust is necessary to believe what emanates from government and the
      mainstream media, something I don’t have in any appreciable degree.
      Homan Square amounts to a mini Gitmo, perhaps a trial run, a part of that new “legal
      regime” Rachel Maddow discussed this administration is intent on creating.
      I have little doubt if HS remained undetected water boarding or some other form
      of “rendition” wouldn’t be out of the question at some point.

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