3 comments on “AIM – NDN COUNTRIES ISIS

  1. In a leisurely conversation over a cup of coffee a friend mentioned
    this particular blog, that in their opinion it was excruciatingly
    true, but also understood there would be those who would be inflamed
    by it.
    I agreed and said the number of people voicing the excruciating
    truth were growing in numbers and I felt that was a good thing
    as was the depth of understanding that the pain AIM inflicted
    was no less excruciating and by all indications would be of a
    generational kind.

    As our coversation continued I went on to offer the below opinion
    and my friend said he thought I should add it to the blog…and
    so I have.

    The AIM leadership have been and remain so transparently fraudulent
    it’s a wonder they even attempt to maintain the charade – mention Annie
    on the rare occasion when they haven’t hand selected the venue or interveiwer
    and they immediately put on that wounded expression, don sack cloth and
    ashes, and begin to perform like professional mourners.
    Banks said in an interview the only thing he regrets about AIM is that
    it ended too soon, as if to say what? That the body count wasn’t high
    That he and fellow grifters hadn’t milked enough revenue, stolen enough,
    ransacked and destroyed enough? He hasn’t enough children, hasn’t pursued
    enough young impressionable girls?
    They were, and the remnants are, like those overly made up women you see
    sometime who think the more makeup they apply the younger and more attractive
    they become.
    Or their male counterparts who dye their hair, pencil their moustache, or wear a
    toupee that doesn’t quite fit and looks like it was cut from a piece of
    shag carpet.
    There isn’t enough carpet, dye, makeup, girdles, beaded hats, hoodies,
    lapel stars, or lift and separate bras to enable them to pull it off.
    Nor are there enough lies.
    They, like all hyenas or jackals are known by the sound
    of their voice and reputation even when you can’t see them.

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