• I tend to think with groups like ISIL there are people who
      would think a woman isn’t “tough enough” – in Hillary’s case
      she’s shown she is “hawkish” with various statements she’s
      made over time – Rice in view of former positions might be
      as well.
      What I think this country needs whether a man or woman
      president is someone who will put the interests of the people
      first over that of good ol’ boys clubs and corporations, something
      Warren is definitely about.
      There’s a film titled Inequality for All that clearly illustrates
      the national descent into a corporatocracy I’d recommended to one
      and all.
      As to Rice I think her association with the Bush administration
      would be difficult to overcome for any who aren’t a staunch
      Republican, and I kind of doubt the RNC wants a woman candidate
      to carry the banner.
      Truth of the matter is this country has exclusively relied on
      men to occupy the office of president, whether that has been a plus
      is arguable in my opinion.

      • I do generally agree. Rice, notwithstanding the Bush association, is a smart, capable woman who can stand on her own. I look at some of the very capable and effective female world leaders; being a strong advocate for Israel, Golda Meir really stands out. Can Condi Rice become “the best man in government” or the “Iron Lady” (before Margret thatcher) as she has been referred to? Maybe.

      • If I’m not mistaken I think Rice has said she has no interest, Warren
        as well saying she believes she can be more effective in the Senate.
        In the world of politics though there is usually a qualifier that goes
        something like a politician or person isn’t seeking the office but if
        called upon they would serve.
        World history is populated with women in leadership roles, some did
        well and some didn’t, and that goes to the crux of things – it’s
        not about gender, it’s about individual character and integrity.

  1. Yes we think a woman president is a good idea, but we do not
    have much trust in the politicians either. And this picture is too funny,

    • Well, the office shouldn’t be predicated on gender,
      women shouldn’t vote for a woman merely because
      she’s a woman, and men shouldn’t refrain from doing
      so for the same reason.
      There are women holding public office who are no better
      than their male counterparts, and there are a lot of women
      who should hold an office that aren’t – the same could be
      said of men – and that speaks to me of a political machine
      that will exclude any thought to be something other than
      a team player who has been properly vetted by super pacs
      and corporate agendas.
      I’m sure there are those who will take offense at the
      photo, but political satire and lampooning politicians
      has very much been a tradition in this country and elsewhere
      and should be viewed in that light.

  2. Not necessarily….throw in Allah (I know…religious fanaticism) and you’re likely to have your head cut off…Obviously in many quarters, free expression is dictated by the radical holding the knife to one’s throat.

    • I think my stance on religious fanaticism is nothing if not well
      documented on the blog.
      “Tolerance” can be an asset in certain situations, but more
      wars have been fought and more deaths as the result of “religion”
      qualifies the concept of tolerance in my opinion.
      Nothing intolerable should be tolerated

  3. P.S- Or better yet why doesn’t Hillary and Jeb run on the same ticket? Then there will be no illusions as to who is really who and who is really in control. The FBI’s role is nothing more than a CORPORATE police force. That’s why they’re targeting the environmental and civil rights activists. That and and residual racism. It’s not the Dem’s or Republicans that are in control but rather big money and the corporations. They’re all part of the same “Skull and Bones,” club. that’s why Bush Sr. and Bozo Bill make such good “golf” partners.

    • Bush Sr. and Bill – maybe that birds of a feather thing.
      Hillary and Jeb, a dream team….like in nightmare.
      The phrase “sleeping giant” comes to mind – the electorate
      hasn’t been so undercut as not to be in a position to
      regain control, but that will only happen if they forget
      the partisanship thing and hold those they elect to strict
      accountability – the surest way to do that is to vote them
      out and make them find a real job minus all the perks.
      One thing I believe voters should do is demand those they
      elect legislate meaningful campaign reform without loopholes
      or exceptions and to hell with SC rulings that attempt to
      humanize corporations – an official they elect would have
      one term to do just that and if they didn’t then bye bye.
      No former politician should ever be allowed to become a
      If jobs are being lost to overseas workers then once an
      item produced overseas is “imported” back there should be
      a stiff tariff that would incentivize returning jobs to this
      The myth that the wealthy create jobs is pure bs and there
      isn’t a viable single study or set of statistics that
      support such a claim.
      Now if you can’t respond without attempting to turn everything
      to your personal fed campaign let me ask you who has AIM been
      fronting for since they seem to be so untouchable?

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