7 comments on “AL AND WHITEY KNEW THAT…………

  1. you are one brave lady (if you are a lady…and I think you are). This. This is a very hard truth that has to come out and I wish I was as strong as you are. Peace.

    • Truth often has to be pushed to the surface, more so in
      this current day and age I think.
      Among other things I’ve been referred to such as an elder,
      grandfather, and of course fed and hater, I suppose I shouldn’t
      be surprised that you think I’m a lady, though I am not.
      I make no claims to being brave, a warrior, or any of that,
      only a human being in the context the nations have understood
      that to mean – a human being who knows right from wrong and values
      I expect I’ll get some good natured teasing now related to your
      comment, but that isn’t a problem for me as a shared laugh is a
      good thing that often strengthens the ties that bind.
      There are numerous sites listed in the “recommended sites”, if you
      haven’t visited any of them I would encourage you to do so, where
      you’ll find others pushing truth to the surface – some women and
      some men, all worthy of being called human beings in the context.
      Strength exist in all people, sometimes it is only a matter of recognizing
      that and finding one’s voice.
      Be well Nan, and speak the things you believe – silence is consent.

    • Thank you shard, truth of the matter is I probably haven’t said anything
      others haven’t who have done a lot of the leg work, so respect to them.

  2. Sorry about the assumption, Rez. I was a kid when all this was going down and I thought you might be one specific lady…

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