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  1. Of course, the wide search (and scramble) for additional dollars to be made on the lies perpetrated by Russell Means continues, as I mentioned before last year, especially by his widow who had the audacity to file a lawsuit against the clinic and doctors who diagnosed or treated Russell , accusing them of malpractice and wrongful death , when he so boasted himself that he was not counting on western medicine to do anything for his terminal cancer, but instead relied on traditional medicines of various rites and healers (Navajo, Peruvian as well as Lakota, anything to escape the sentence delivered by doctors) ????? Such a frivolous suit would be thrown out of court on evidence alone, but I am sure her attorneys will manage to get a nifty out of court settlement from an insurance company….. This is the dark side of American greed in all its splendor here…..Furthermore, the widow has apparently convinced some state representative to introduce a South Dakota bill (which passed this month) prohibiting the commercial use of a person’s image, voice, etc… not authorized by the next of kin after the death of such a celebrity, insuring that all moneys attached to the reproduction of Russell’s words, images or voice will be strictly coming to her. Her concern here is quite evident: to make the most out of what is left of Russell’s built up Wizard of Oz image and voice, and to continue to cash in on his life and fame.

    Again, I do not write in often, but I follow your blogs as they come out. Thank you for your perspective, always interesting to read…I have been working on refining Russell Means’ genealogy for a number of weeks and months. I had mentioned a white colonel in his ancestry (per info at OLC). Actually, I found out that the only possible ancestor to qualify as such was not a Colonel Means, but a “Major Allen” . However, that individual (who gave his name to the community of Allen) was never an officer in the US Army. It was a nickname he acquired over the years. He actually served as a simple soldier in the 2nd battalion of the US Army in his young age, before making his way to Wyoming as a cattle driver. He married Nellie, the daughter of a Fort Laramie German immigrant and his half Indian wife. Austin Means, Russell’s grand-father, and Allen were friends on the cattle trail in Nebraska and Wyoming. I have the history and full names of those unions and those of their respective parents, and Russell’s whole line of maternal and paternal ancestors identified and documentation on them, with the exception of John Feather Sr. and Jr. of Yankton reservation, (maternal side) which Russell relates to Feather Necklace (Feather in His Ear), saying that the name was cut short by white people. There is no evidence of that, as the three actual sons of , and the last descendant of, Feather Necklace have been identified by name and are not apparently related to Russell. John Feather Sr. pops out of nowhere in early census, with no known relatives, and could be another white man who settled in the Indian community of Mix County through marriage. There is a definite discrepancy here which needs additional clarification… The only possible relatedness to Yankton people would be through Theophile Bruguiere, a Frenchman who took for wives the two daughters of his good friend War Eagle, a man who actually walked away from an eastern group of origin and was adopted by the Yankton people. Both through his Arconge and Bruguier lines, Theodora Feather and her son Russell Means are of French descent. It makes an interesting read. I will continue to search for clues, if any……. I welcome, of course, any further information on Jon Feather Sr. and his origin. In addition, Ted Means was buried in the “Feather Necklace Cemetery” of Greenwood. However, there is no other name attached to this burial spot. Feather in the Ear and Feather Necklace people are verifiably buried in church cemeteries of the Yankton reservation. Puzzle…

    • Very interesting and appreciated information that will send me off in various directions
      on the net.
      I’m not the least surprised that such a bill was introduced and passed, I suspect it
      will become a “precedent” for Banks survivors when the time comes as well, undoubtedly
      Peltier’s also.
      A while back in another blog a comment was made to the effect what difference does it
      make about Mean’s ancestry? I think it makes a great deal of difference when you appropriate one as a vehicle for self aggrandizement whether it be ancestry or a persona.
      I’m presently working on a blog about language, it’s relationship to culture and traditions, the importance of it if a complete assimilation isn’t to take place – this anything for a buck attitude is a characteristic of assimilation and a colonized mindset, it should be seen as that – apparently there exists those who while “searching for their roots” took a wrong turn.
      If a penchant is to exist employing “colonial law” as a vehicle for revenue then I submit perhaps a claim or two should be leveled against the estate to recover not only the “settlement” related to the Cleveland Indians suit that Russell pocketed but also some those of “donations” for various “projects” that never reached fruition.
      Thanks again not only for the information but the effort made and be well.

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