1. Some language must be experienced in the heart. Language that is learned is forever merely a translation. I, myself, speak/write only with translations. Heart influences what is expressed, but the language I use is only a translation … to be translated again by others who interpret meaning differently.

    A few examples of experienced in the heart concepts, that use the same idea words in many languages, but do not have common heart experience are: Evil, Good, Value, Soul, Universe, Beginning, Death, Reward, Brother, Truth, Virtue. Others. It seems most people think they know what these words mean. Who is THEY? Who is US? Who is THEM?

    Here is a quote from my Maternal Grandfather (born about 1860). “”They say” is a damned lie.”

  2. Like the quote – “they say” is a common expression we all use at times and
    probably do so lacking consideration of the nuances.
    “hand talk” as practiced among the nations though not a evolved as “signing”
    was an attempt to bridge the gap of language difference and worked quite
    well – it too is an endangered language.
    I tend to think the majority usage of language at least presently originates
    in the mind and character of the speaker, often agenda ladened, bypassing the
    heart leading language to evolve to it’s current state.

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