11 comments on “GRANDMOTHER

    • Grandmother has a small fixed blade knife older than she is, an heirloom
      so to speak passed down to her.
      Well honed and inspite of being a fixed blade it is the equivalent of any
      Swiss Army knife in her hands. Not much she can’t do with it.
      It is both a tool and a remembrance, not a fashion accoutrement as is the
      case for others at times.
      I can remember in past times throwing at targets with her, she always
      bested me with a sly benevolent smile saying it wouldn’t do to allow me
      to beat her, to throw the game.
      In doing so I wouldn’t learn anything and might come to believe my skills
      were sufficient as they were….smart woman.
      We haven’t “competed” for some time, if we were to I wouldn’t be inclined
      to place any bets on myself.
      Call me a sexist if you will, but the thought of a knife throwing woman
      amazes me…..but then grandmother is an amazing woman.

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