8 comments on “TROLLS

  1. Did Troll-person have a pen name? Talk about jumping into a conversation without understanding what the topics are all about; whether AIM, Peltier, Native America, big government, corporate greed, Et. Al. “Rez”inate’s messages are clear, concise, and even if one doesn’t always agree with the message, one can still respect the messenger. A typo here and there…who cares…it’s an informative Blog, not a doctoral thesis. This troll has been under the bridge way too long.

    • I don’t recall as I trashed the comment after copy/pasting it – I have
      a mental image of Gollum, though Gollum wasn’t actually a troll, and
      probably an insult to Gollum.
      For sure not a doctoral thesis, I wouldn’t know where to begin.
      Shields up, if Gollum happens to read this he may spam you as well.

  2. Talk about funny – I post a blog about trolls and guess who pops up?
    The inimitable SB.
    I’ll be blogging an opinion about the upcoming Pac/Mayweather fight,
    if you can focus on that SB it might be interesting to read your take
    on it as we’re both apparently fight fans – though I suspect our opinions
    will vary there also.

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