2 comments on “HOSAPA REDUX

  1. God Rez, I could tell you’ve thousand stories, but I’ll tell you only one,

    In the very early 1980s, I worked for AIM. Main job was reception desk, old Black Hills office
    on main St. In Rapid.

    One day a Morman family just walked in the front door. Mom, Dad, and two little girls around 2 and 5 years old dressed in pretty, pink Sunday dresses.

    They marched up to me (seeing me at the front desk and all), and started talking to me about ttheir God and reading me passages from the Book of Morman.

    I was stunned. It was like they were counting coop big time. I was amazed at how brave they were (even though I think Mormans are kind of crazy,) I had to respect that they came into the big, bad AIM office and tried to convert me.

    And then Russell came of his office and booted them. I always figured; 2 little girls dressed in pink with the balls to walk into a major AIM office and try to preach – they should of at least been heard.

    • Mormons believe the nations are descendents of a lost tribe of Israel, they’ve always felt
      it a duty to proselytize and why they have been so eager to “adopt” our children.
      They’ve historically believed that black people were black as they wore the mark of Cain,
      though at least publicly they’ve backed off of that.
      Now if those people would have come in to take a photo or two of Means, or offer a donation
      he would have complimented them on being a reverse apple and offered them a real ndn name.
      But yeah, brave’s a good word for it.

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