6 comments on “CHANILLA ICE ?

  1. It seems that the “Vanilla Ice,” of law enforcement, Mr. Ed Woods, also claims Native ancestry. Maybe a similar genealogy test should be done for him? Whether he is or not, the way that he flaunts this is similarly disgraceful:
    “I later confirmed, as many in my family had suspected, that my paternal great-grandfather was a full-blood. (see note below) To this day I wonder, as no doubt a number of Peltier supporters do also, why some FBI agent, a native New Yorker, in Cincinnati of all places, who never worked an Indian Country case or even stepped foot on an Indian Reservation, would take a stand against the Peltier network and become a lightening rod for two young men he never met. But someone had to do it. ” Mr. Ed

    • “who never worked an Indian Country case or even stepped foot on an Indian Reservation,”

      Seems like you just can’t help at some point verifying
      the points I make SB – it may take a while accompanied by
      a litany of denial and obfuscation but sooner or later you
      get around to it just as you did when saying you keep a distance
      from LPDOC/ILPDC due as you said to their “reputation”.
      Likewise your admission that AIM bears the responsibility for
      the murders and crimes they committed at WK2 was equally
      as gratifying.
      I can’t begin to count the numerous times I have stated to
      you and readers that my priority is and will remain our
      backyard – we can’t continue to live in the filth, squalor,
      and crimes AIM committed.
      Neither can I count the number of times I replied to you that
      all that is necessary is to provide anything linking Woods to
      the rez, to WK2, or any murders/crime AIM committed and I would
      be all over him in the same manner I am with your boys.
      Now by submitting this comment/quote you inadverdently validate
      the position I’ve taken….thank you.
      We cannot turn a blind eye to murders committed by AIM within our
      own communities any more than you could or should of any committed in
      your community.
      You’ve huffed and puffed attempting to blow the house down
      of any would speak against AIM or the thug Peltier and accomplished
      nothing – in fact your childish efforts undoubtedly have caused
      some to believe where there is smoke there must surely be fire
      as well.
      For all your talk about who supports who and who did what, in the end
      it comes down to your support of a criminal organization that includes
      a convicted drug dealer – Clyde Bellecourt, outright thieves and liars
      who admitted they too sold drugs and pimped women like Russell Means,
      a bogus “warrior” and “spiritual leader” who will sell anything of
      the nations for personal profit and was able to identify the body of
      Annie Mae Pictou Aquash from a distance of well over a thousand miles
      away before anyone else could by the name of Dennis Banks, and a sell out
      “medicine man” like Leonard Crow Dog who markets ceremonies to the
      extent of licensing others to conduct them for a fee.
      Yeah, yours is a real voice to listen to, all should heed your every
      word and know your sole interest is justice.
      What strikes me as disgraceful is the manner in which you have attempted
      to “flaunt” being a firekeeper and attending ceremonies. How you have gone
      about attempting to instruct us about pipes – you, a person without a
      drop of any of the nations blood in you – you, a person who may or may
      not have made a “pilgrimage” to Crow Dog’s “paradise” but have never lived
      on the rez or know a damn thing about the reality other than what you may
      have read on the internet or were spoon fed by your boys.
      You want to be a shaimster or their errand boy, you have no higher aspirations
      than that? You want to coddle and protect murderers and criminals? Your choice,
      but spare us the associated bullshit- spare us your interpretations of what it
      all means to be of the nations, spare us the drivel and bloviation, don’t tell
      us we are supposed to ignore crime and criminals in our midst.
      Don’t tell us that “ultimately it doesn’t matter” whether Annie was a snitch or
      not when she wasn’t, that the ’99 Oyate statement is meaningless, or that selling
      and corrupting our ceremonies as Crow Dog does is alright because he pays his
      daughters utilities bill.
      Don’t tell us anything and everything AIM did was alright because they were paranoid,
      or informants existed – because every damn bit of it matters.
      As to Vanilla Ice I think I’ve covered that, if an honest mistake I won’t be flogging
      that horse, if not I won’t need to as others will and sooner or later your AIM
      buds will weigh in seeking a little attention and maybe a few coins tossed their way.
      DNA? I’ll take it a step further and say any who believe they may have indigenous
      ancestry and it’s important to them should take the test if they are able to.

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