1. No one can say yes this is like the spirit of Crazy Horse and so they do
    not speak, and it is this not speaking that says many things.

  2. Too many stories, too many details. How many different AIM members are now going to confess to knowing that this guy Ray Robinson was killed at WK73? Without a hint of law enforcement investigation. Huh. Why are they doing that and how reliable is it?

    • The DOJ announced two or three years ago that not only did AIM kill
      Annie Mae Pictou Aquash but they had also killed Ray, adding that
      they weren’t interested in pursuing such “old” cases.
      Which is extremely interesting to me as they have prosecuted cases
      much older – this along with others has led me to believe some form
      of immunity was granted to AIM leaders, there doesn’t seem to be
      any other plausible explanation.
      Much the same as Dave Hill walking from federal charges of bombing
      Mt. Rushmore and then having S.D. Gov Janklow intercede to get state
      weapons charges dropped at the behest of the feds.
      I’m convinced Hill rolled over and have said so multiple times.
      I’ve talked to a couple of attorneys I happen to know and both said
      without hesitation based on their own experiences as attorneys
      that deals were cut, there could be no other explanation.

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