5 comments on “WE ARE ALL RELATED

    • That and somewhere along the way people have to stand up and
      say enough.
      A part of AIM’s success has been an understandable us against
      them mentality among the nations – too many deep wounds, but the
      reality is AIM very early on became a part “them” issuing
      their own Papal Bulls and Doctrine of Manifest Destiny.
      A movement that never allowed input and was arbitrarily
      ruled by a handful of thugs.

  1. People are still scared, Rez. Remember the blood bath after Wounded Knee, 1973? The truth will come out and if not karma is a real bitch.

    • You’re right, and something AIM has relied upon for decades.
      Apparently in the governments lack of willingness to prosecute
      them they’re scared as well.

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