• I’ve been following this as it unfolds and believe the ruling is exactly
      as it should be, what I consider to be part of the problem is the
      following excerpt pertaining to “qualified immunity”.

      “Olson, meanwhile, tried to get the suit dismissed by citing his qualified
      immunity as a law enforcement officer.”

      The oft time over the top excessively liberal interpretation of what constitutes
      qualified immunity – in the this particular instance Olson apparently
      believes shooting someone in the back is deserving of immunity, the 8th Circuit
      Court of Appeals however disagreed and said not so.
      Of further interest to me is the move to have cops wear body cams, on the surface
      a good thing, but………multiple states are in the process of crafting
      legislation that would disallow public access to the recorded video such cams
      would produce – an another example of to “protect and serve”.
      A selective approach designed to protect and serve rogue cops – the next step
      will be to enact laws forbidding the public to record any police activity.
      For some inexplicable reason it brings to mind words like fascism and

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