9 comments on “A METAPHOR OF LIFE

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  2. A beautiful metaphor rezinate and we like this picture, it is like it is alive
    and you can touch the plant.

    • Thanks, and yeah I’ve heard that don’t farm bs before but then I’ve never
      promoted myself as being a “warrior”, if failing to recognize the value
      of providing is a part of being one then I have zero desire to be seen as such.
      For any “worried” about losing their “warrior” title if they plant a few seeds
      I’d say the opposite would be true and the title enhanced in the eyes of those
      depending on them. Better a happy child or elder with a full stomach than an
      empty one.
      Better a family eating decently than depending on that crap known as commodities.
      In the end all that’s required is that you be a man or a woman and aware of the
      implications, the responsibilities.
      The “warrior” thing can be done on the internet when the little ones have been
      fed and are in bed without hunger as a companion.

  3. Won’t be long until you can fry a few of those tomatoes. Do ya’ll dip ’em in corn meal? Some people prefer wheat flour. I like corn meal. I confess, even though connoisseurs frown on it, I do like a little ketchup on fried green tomatoes 😀 Your green green photograph is making me hungry.

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