• Excellent advice, and a good place to start.
      The thing about Hill is he was always there in the midst of things,
      from the Custer Court house, to Annie’s interrogation, the Rushmore
      bombing,the shooting of Ray Robinson, and yet has always skated away.
      I don’t believe the same can be said of any other individuals presence
      at specific locations and specific times.
      Not just pure happenstance in my opinion, or that of others.

  1. You know, something I find both telling and amazing when it comes to the mindset
    of supporters is the reality that the revelations about Means, his snitch/informant
    status by they’re own standard can’t set well with them, yet none will step forward
    and say so -neither will any step forward to defend or attempt to rebut knowing full
    well the fabric composing AIM is tattered and can scarcely afford the additional loss
    of so much as a single thread.
    So they sit in a rictus of mute silence offering alibis and excuses to themselves, perhaps
    hoping someone else will rise to the occasion, or most likely that the truth will not go
    viral and instead just go away if ignored long enough.
    Understandable maybe, for an attempt to rebut when not a single rebuttal exists
    could well lead to increased attention, more questions, and perhaps a turning
    over of rocks exposing what lays beneath them.
    The bad news is that after four plus decades of lies and propaganda the truth isn’t
    going away, it is in fact gaining momentum.
    After having worked both sides of the fence perhaps it is Hill who in the eleventh
    hour will make a clean breast of it as he really hasn’t the “legacy” to protect others
    thought they did….perhaps it is then he will defend the women and children of the

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