7 comments on “THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE

  1. As the expression goes…timing is everything. Set this one aside.
    It’s Memorial Day…and for the veterans and remembrance. For all those, past and present, who served and those who sacrificed to preserve democracy and protect the country.
    “If” Peltier told the truth “He served in World War II, getting machine-gunned in the legs for his effort; his brother, my uncle Ernie, was killed in battle” (Prison Writings, p.17). That would include Leo and Ernie Peltier as well.

  2. Memorial Day when this blog was initially posted – fitting for nations to
    remember their war dead as those dead are the sons and daughters of the
    living whether the war was a just one or not.
    As a people we may not have set aside a day for memorializing, yet we
    have not forgotten our sons and daughters who fought and died in this
    countries wars, or our nations centuries long fight for independence
    and to protect our homeland, our families, our way of life.
    We have no Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, no Arlington Cemetery, nor
    Viet Nam memorial, the names of our dead are inscribed nowhere other
    than our hearts, their names written in the blood that blankets this
    land, a blood speaking to a history that casts a pallor over each of
    us even to this day.
    We don’t have “memorial day sales”, cookouts and barbeques, nor politicians
    seeking to gain a little currency with speeches….we have the memory, and
    it is a sacred, painful thing for us.

    • I have long made a point of assuring people if they have a reply they prefer not
      to be made public to say so and I will honor that – and I have done exactly that
      on numerous occasions.
      I received a reply to this particular blog with I interpreted to be such a request,
      the key words being “set this one aside” – if I misinterpreted that and informed
      such was the case then it will be made public, if no clarification is forthcoming
      I’ll assume my assumption was correct.

  3. And since you’re a boxing fan, Ali’s quote is not un-related here. Should the ones that bravely stood up against hypocrisy and un-just wars also be honored?

    Muhammad Ali on the Vietnam War-Draft
    “My conscious won’t let me go shoot my brother, or some darker people, or some poor hungry people in the mud for big powerful America. And shoot them for what? They never called me nigger, they never lynched me, they didn’t put no dogs on me, they didn’t rob me of my nationality, rape and kill my mother and father… Shoot them for what? …How can I shoot them poor people, Just take me to jail.”

    • If Ali was willing to go to jail for his beliefs rather than take the easy route and
      dodge the draft credit is due to him.
      There have been conscientious objectors as long as there have been wars – some went
      to jail and others served in non combat positions.
      As a demographic percentage wise the nations have sent more warriors to fight this
      countries battles than any other group- whether people say that is right or wrong
      is up to the individual – what I will say is I don’t believe terrorists or foreign
      enemies differentiate when they consider the people of this country as enemies, they
      aren’t going to issue a pass to the nations or anyone else.
      That should have made a difference to the AIM leadership when they sere sucking
      up to despotic leaders for money, which of course it didn’t because it has always
      been singularly about the money for them.
      Something else I believe, if anyone gets stupid and wants to invade this country
      the nations will fight inspite of the fact that neither we nor the rest of the
      population make policy or decisions that would lead to such an attack.
      I know I would and believe those I know would as well as it would ultimately come
      down to protecting loved ones, family and friends……now, want to call me a fed
      or sellout?
      What would you do?
      What I find interesting is SHAIMsters like Banks and Hill served in the military – what
      does that make them in your view? You one of those who rail about indigenous vets and
      yet overlook the fact that Banks and Hill’s served in the military??

  4. I have acquired The Hank Adams Reader. I’m reading a couple of other books, but will start this one soon. Thanks for the suggestion. The first entry is copy of a telegram dated June 1968. I was 18 that seemingly long ago summer.

    • I believe it will be an eye opener and something not
      soon forgotten, a book I would suggest should be
      required reading in schools.

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