1. Peltier will never fess up to the truth…he’s in too deep and has for too long believed his own folklore. Besides, even if he did, his self-inciminating admissions aside, and added to all the fabrications (lies); if he was released it would take about a nanosecond for him to revert to the line that his only way out was to confess to something he didn’t do…

    He could be trusted about as far as anyone could throw that bloated inmate. And even it someone could…it would never be far enough to be out of sight; which is about as far as DasD can be trusted.

    • Kind of the scenario I envision, he would claim his “chiefs” advised him
      to just so he could be released….but then with his penchant for sticking
      his foot in his mouth it wouldn’t be long before he began boasting of
      being the “courageous hero who fought hard.”

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