6 comments on “YUP….AIM KILLED ‘EM

  1. Read this very thorough review several times and have in the past commented on some of the why-nots of a lack of prosecution in some areas and of some people. But, why not, start the digging; FOI all those who have passed, or at least start with Russell and Thelma. Between the redactions, which inevitably there will be, there may be some hints as to who was what to whom.

    • Know some people who will be mounting an effort in that direction
      and expect to encounter a multitude of obstacles – but nothing
      ventured nothing gained.
      As to Hill a lot of people have attempted to approach the facts
      from a neutral position and have inevitably wound up with a commonly
      shared opinion – it wasn’t divine intervention or serendipity
      that allowed Hill to walk.
      I understand the reasoning behind not exposing an informant, if
      that wasn’t the policy the numbers would decline dramatically
      and could lead to their being murdered.
      The sticking point is the web I mentioned and it has been
      demonstrated countless times that informants commit addition
      crimes and get additional passes.
      Now an argument can be made that no complicity exists involving
      prior crimes, though an argument could also be made that’s standing
      on shakey ground, but I don’t believe any such argument can be made
      when additional crimes are committed.
      But as I said, I’m not a legal expert and rely more on what I consider
      to be a commonsense approach – that if it looks, acts, and quacks like
      a duck odds are it is.
      Since vigilantes are frowned upon and in the vast majority
      of instances for good and obvious reasons what remains is
      either the courts or taking matters into a persons own hands
      and suffering the consequences.
      When you have an agency tasked with prosecuting crimes like
      the DOJ admit a murder was committed and say they aren’t
      going to pursue it there is somthing very wrong with that.
      The younger Trimbach in another blog attributed that to a “lack
      of gonads” on the part of prosecutors, but that doesn’t quite
      work for me or others who are asking the same questions.
      Nonetheless if that is any part of the equation then the question
      arises who would they be afraid of(?) and logical to assume a fear
      instilled by a person, persons, or agency higher up the foodchain.
      Obvious where speculation and conspiracy theories could lead to
      as a result.
      I think communities are obliged for their own welfare to report
      crimes and if necessary testify.
      If that leads to being a labelled a snitch better that than drug
      dealers and crack houses, murderers and rapists having free rein.
      Of course criminals have a different opinion but who gives a rip
      other than their cohorts and accomplices.
      Theres also a notable difference in a person who steps up
      community wise and a “professional” whose singular motivation is to
      save their own ass…the latter being the category I would place Hill
      and Means in.

      • Common sense does cast a long shadow. And, not but…, some of those cases are a matter of public record and digging for those could also help clear some of the fog surrounding Hill and how or whether he got a ‘pass.’ Also, it takes two to tango; the FBI, or any police agency doesn’t prosecute anyone; those cases are brought to the (U.S. Attorney, DA, etc.) to authorize a warrant, move to a Grand Jury, or decline prosecution. Sometimes its a real fight and a losing battle. Yet, like what’s going on with Hastert being charged with a 1001 violation (lying to the FBI; providing false information); statistically, nearly unheard of…wish I had a buck for every time I tried that route unsuccessfully…maybe it was added on to the indictment, as is common, to provide an incentive to plea to one of the other charges. Just one citizen’s opinion, with all that’s going on, and wrong, in the country, and the world, seems like precious resources could be better used elsewhere.

        If I had the time it would be interesting to dig into Hill’s cases and see whether they smell a bit…but since he appears to be out of DaD’s sphere for now, he’s off the radar and not a priority.

        As for Hill’s charges, one of the elements to consider is whether anyone was hurt or put in potential danger. Which would be a no-go in the informant arena.

      • If Hill was the shooter Ray Robinson was not only hurt but hurt
        unto death – I would think planting explosives would be viewed
        as having the potential to harm a great many people, yet remained
        convinced he was an informant until proven otherwise.
        I also think it’s common knowledge that past informants like
        hit men and even Joe Valachi were acceptable as informants.
        The difference with Valachi and others, though not all, is
        they actually served time.
        With all that’s going on in the country and the world prosecuting
        the murder of a lone black man or ridding the communities of an
        impoverished and oppressed people of a criminal element may seem
        inconsequential, but murder is murder wherever it takes place and
        the character not only of a nation but it’s sense of equity and
        justice are defined by the approach taken with the least among them.
        On that scale this country, this legal system, has failed miserably,
        intentionally, and continues to do so.
        I understand those who do the legwork don’t issue the warrants, don’t
        prosecute the cases – I also think they should put career considerations
        aside when such is the case and raise hell about it…. that is what
        “democracy” and “patriotism” are or should be about when seeing a wrong.
        I also understand people have families to support, bills to pay, food
        to put on the table and often compromise due to those responsibilities.
        Perhaps never realizing they are in a very real way altering the future
        their children will grow up in – a future increasingly becoming more
        dysfunctional from day to day.

  2. DOJ “admitted” that AIM killed Ray Robinson. I’m having a hard time getting my head around that idea.

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