10 comments on “OKRA

  1. Chicken and Okra Gumbo is my favorite …. an interesting note on Cajun Gumbo’s

    Gumbo is Derived from various Bantu dialects (Southern & Central Africa) terms for okra (i.e. quingumbo, grugombo, gumbo, gombo, ngombo gomboaud, ngumbo, ochinggombo). (The word is one of very few African language words brought over by slaves which have entered the English language.

    • Didn’t know that and only recently acquired something more than a passing
      acquaintance with okra.
      After blogging I did a net search and was surprised to learn okra is related
      to Hollyhocks and Hibiscus – assume that means they have both in Africa.

      • yep, the lady’s finger is quite the medicine also, another reason why those who brought it over did so, google okra natural medicine for hints, powerful stuff 🙂

      • Okra is turning out to be an increasingly interesting plant the more
        I learn about it – but to tell you the truth if I saw a woman whose
        fingers looked like okra I’d be heading in the opposite direction at
        something more than a leisurely pace.

    • I think initially we weren’t too sure how to prepare it and so pan frying
      seemed a natural – boiling it like Brussel Sprouts was a bad idea.

  2. Yes a beautiful flower and a garden is such a good thing where little ones
    will learn many things.

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