• The “other side” has been presented for decades by AIM and repeatedly repudiated.
        People should believe what they can verify instead of whatever they’re told – they should make the effort to do the math
        themselves as I always advise.
        Do you deny that Hill walked from federal and state charges
        which is easily verifiable and if you don’t can you explain
        how that would happen?
        A indication of where to look would be the comments in the
        original blog.
        Notice in the linked docs/icon charges are dropped against Hill
        and explain how a person accused of an act of domestic terrorism
        was able to walk from such charges “for the reasons that the best interest of justice will be served”.
        You need to also explain why Janklow the “ndn hater” would also
        give Hill a pass related to weapons charges.
        The below links are also presented in the latest blog Aged
        Toothless Predator Redux as jpeg images.
        And while we’re on the subject of telling the other side why
        don’t you tell “Mr.Hill” to comment here and tell his side
        instead of leaving it to others to do it for him or opting
        for silence?
        Now if you can explain why the feds dropped the charges it
        only follows that you also have to explain why they intervened
        to have the state drop it’s charges also.
        What reason would they have for doing so?


    • That’s a positive and good if you were able to retain custody,
      but what do you have to say about AIM taking parents like Annie
      Mae Pictou Aquash and Perry Ray Robinson jr. away from their
      children by the act of murdering them?

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