1. You are right rezinate, it dos not make any difference the generation and
    to say this is wrong.

    • Very much a verbal faux pas in my opinion. Nothing wrong with focusing
      on the positive aspects of the nations youth, there is something wrong
      with ignoring negatives that impact everyone.
      That would be like telling a child only the positive aspects of fire for
      example and never explaining it can also harm them or cause great
      The ability to focus serves a purpose, but there’s a marked
      difference between focus and tunnel vision – tunnel vision
      is crossing a busy intersection and only looking straight ahead
      rather than in all directions – it’s not seeing the forest for
      the trees.
      It can also be an intentionally selective approach, an exclusionary
      device that neither recognizes nor is willing to admit the obvious.
      A device that refuses to so much as say that any with any level
      of complicity in the issues this blog addresses need to be held
      to account.
      Now the question for me is why would an individual, any individual,
      attempting to position themselves as a spokesman for the nations
      ignore the obvious?
      Ignore events that have haunted the nations for decades?
      Ignore the calls for justice, for the repatriation of the remains
      of AIM victims like Perry Ray Robinson Jr. and those in unmarked
      Ignore the fact that as each was murdered they left children
      behind? Is it that because these children have become adults they
      no longer matter, they don’t fit into a narrow field of vision so
      restrictive as this “focus” on the youth?
      Or is it a distorted interpretation of being a “last real Indian”,
      that to qualify the pre requisite is to support thugs and murderers?
      To “speak no evil” of them when evil has been their trademark?

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