1. I have been reading your blog for about a year, at first it was because I thought I
    knew all the answers and disagreed.
    Several times I even typed comments but failed to post them as I was beginning
    to have doubts and every attempt I could have made to rebuke you had already
    been thwarted by the contents of your blog. Talk about frustrating lol.
    It has taken equal parts soul searching and confronting myself to arrive at the
    point where I can say thank you for opening my eyes. For the patience and determination
    that is so much a part of your blog.
    Like you I agree that any complicity should be addressed, I also believe like you do
    that complicity does not provide clemency for anyone.
    Thank you again, it as though a burden has been lifted, I no longer have to make
    excuses or deny anything to myself or anyone. A personal regeneration has taken

    • When a persons beliefs become a burden and they feel a need to make
      excuses it’s time to move on – you’ve done that, and that’s a good
      I don’t know if you’ve checked out the other sites listed as recommended
      by this blog, if not it might be a good idea to – if you have then
      your convictions have been strengthened, if not then they will be
      if you chose to visit them.
      Feel free to comment anytime, and congratulations on the regenerated
      Be strong, be well, and pay it forward.

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