5 comments on “A DEAFENING SILENCE

  1. You know, I believe if a person has an understanding, a working
    knowledge of topics they choose to talk about, a position they want
    to defend, they ought to be able to answer a direct question in lieu
    of avoiding it, attempting to strike a bargain, or resorting to links
    that aren’t specific to the question in an effort to misdirect.
    There may well be a lot of noise associated with such an effort
    but the interwoven silence is unmistakeable.
    What it amounts to is an effort to construct a wall, an iron curtain
    of silence with the blood of innocents as the mortar that will obstruct
    the view, to keep the truth out, never realizing that the wall is not
    only transparent but riddled with flaws and cracks like a pane of broken
    glass to be found in a run down dilapidated building.
    A mirror that despite the loss of some measure of reflective backing
    continues to forlornly reflect an image coherent enough to recognize.
    To those who engage in such I say rave on, for each truth spoken, each
    lie exposed is a rivulet joining a stream that in turn becomes a river
    flowing to a sea of justice and equity that no dam or wall can turn aside
    or contain.
    As the ’99 Oyate statement said while characterizing the leadership
    as wannabe chiefs flying around the country and Dennis Banks as a
    liar, “AIM is nothing”……and the thunder rolls.

  2. In regards to lies, I have recently come across two additional evident lies uttered by Russell Means . The first one was mentioned in a formal interview of Matthew High Pine, a resident of Wounded Knee , dated January 8, 1974. When asked if he knew anything concerning the takeover of February 27th, 1973 by AIM people, he replied that several days prior to that date, he was at an Oglala Sioux Tribal council meeting, at which Russell Means requested to bring his group on the Pine Ridge reservation.
    High Pine told Means that he could only do so if he promised that there would be no violence coming from them. Russell Means asserted that no violence would take place. He was then authorized to come in. 1) As soon as they invaded Wounded Knee, AIM people proceeded to destroy houses and property , and took hostages. 2) Russell Means himself enjoined his armed companions to kill any spy or infiltrator. 3) On March 25, OST council member Leo Wilcox referred to Means and his group as a bunch of “renegades” (outsiders) on a radio program, and his body was found , probably burned alive, in his car destroyed by a firebomb on the side of a highway . It is thought by many that his murder was committed by AIMsters in retaliation.

    The second lie I have spent some time investigating is due to the fact that on a program that I produced in Los Angeles which Russell Means agreed to host, (2000- 2003) I invited my friend Sacheen Littlefeather as guest. They reminisced about the March 27th, 1973 night of the Oscars when she refused the award on behalf of Marlon Brando. Russell spoke eloquently about how that night, he and the besieged AIMsters of Wounded Knee were watching the television program of that event, on March 27th, 1973, and how she, Sacheen, boosted their morale. He brought tears to her eyes, telling her how they cheered and fired their guns in the air at WK. I was surprised at this exchange – which was by the way repeated in the film Reel Injuns – for two reasons: 1. There is no mention of that moving moment in Russell’s autobiography “Where White Men Fear to Tread”. 2. On the contrary, pages 284-287 of the said book, Russell recounts as he and Dennis Banks left WK surreptitiously on March 26th after dark, made their way to Manderson, and traveled through a northern route across the reservation (via Wamblee) to Crow Dog’s Paradise on Rosebud, arriving there on March 27th to do a sweat and eat. On the evening of March 27th, 1973, then, Russell was nowhere near Wounded Knee to cheer Sacheen’s speech on television. 3 . Most importantly, electricity had just been cut off to WK by DOJ Kent Frizzell, preventing all television viewing at WK on that date. AND 4 – There are credible reports that on the night of March 27th, there was a substantial very heated disagreement between the followers of Pedro Bissonnette (Oglala people) and the rest of the people within W.K. (Indians from other nations and non-Indians) , Oglala people and Pedro wanting to leave and terminate the occupation of Wounded Knee, the others not. In those accounts, the absence of Means and Banks is evident – Given all this information, it is impossible for me to give Russell’s depiction of the Wounded Knee scene that he gave in the show that I produced any validity. He repeated that lie on the later production of “Reel Injuns”.

    • I’ve mentioned Wilcox in blogs before and at least personally have always
      assigned the blame for his death to AIM.
      Russell Means was a pathological liar and a fraud, like all pathological liars
      and frauds Russell was never able to keep his story straight as your comments
      attests to.
      We’ve seen the same thing with Peltier, Graham, Banks, and Carter Camp in his
      different versions related to Perry Ray Robinson Jr.
      The real commentary is their supporters have seen and heard these as well and yet
      it makes no difference – that has always reminded me of the Stockholm Syndrome.

      I’ve seen the video of Means and Littlefeather you mention, it like any other he
      was in Russell made an effort to make it all about himself.
      On another note there are more than one story about Means physically abusing various
      of his wives, would be interesting if any would step forward and relate their experiences
      with the prophet of matriarchy.
      I’m curious if you’ve heard anything about the “bank”, what it’s status is or if it’s
      still in existence and operational? Heard a couple of different things but don’t seem
      to be able to verify them.
      Thanks for the comment and info Helene, be well.

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