1. Gardening leads to a certain amount of adventurism, you
    may start out planting a few tomatoes but with the first
    success comes the kindling of an inner fire and you can
    easily become emboldened.
    A resonating chord is struck and the garden expands, it
    may sound odd to some but a garden evolves into a personal
    relationship – doesn’t matter if it’s about flowers, herbs,
    vegetables, or all of the above.
    The rewards are many – for some it is a vehicle to relieve
    stress, an opportunity to be outdoors, to touch the land with
    something other than shod feet – all of which are reason enough,
    but when you sit down at a table to eat and what is served is
    the direct result of your own efforts there is a transcendent
    quality to it.
    Nothing, absolutely nothing you purchase in the produce department
    of a store comes anywhere near rivaling the taste and quality
    of what is home grown – and I think the same can be said of
    many of those natural food stores as well and organic products.
    That isn’t to say it’s true of all such venues only that the rush
    is on to cash in on the market and existing regulations leave
    something to be desired.
    Cashing in on the market also translates to charging what the market
    will bear – I know that to be fact, I know the associated cost of
    growing food without the use of commercial fertilizers or pesticides
    and believe it to be less based on personal experience.
    Free range eggs for four or five dollars a dozen? Give me a break,
    we’re talking reduced feed costs, and no hormones or additives,
    an additional savings.
    If it’s all about promoting a healthy lifestyle then those in the most
    need are those with the least money, so make it affordable instead
    of some high dollar store with the strains of new age music or
    Ravi Shankar wafting through your shopping experience and a little
    alcove featuring “exotic” coffees and the like.
    Grow your own, harvest seeds or acquire them from a reputable
    dealer, plant again, and there will never be a question about what’s
    for supper.You’ll be healthier and happier.
    If and when your garden exceeds your needs pay it forward, share,
    go to farmers market and sell the excess at a fair price, or use what
    is extra as a vehicle to barter with.
    I believe a healthy diet is a basic right of all people, not just an elite
    experience, nor should it cost a person more than the alternative junk
    they will have to eat.
    A healthy diet should be the best affordable healthcare plan a person can
    invest in, and there isn’t a single viable reason why it shouldn’t be
    available to one and all.

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