6 comments on “RACISM

  1. Well, words are like guns…You can use them to compete with friends/other humans of all kind:race, age, color, ethicity, culture, subculture, etc. to have great fun, challenge, friendship, secrets, jokrs, own code of enjoying each other company and presence.

    Or you can treat everyone like an enemy and shoot away your own grief and fear like bullets piercing hearts with hate and pain…

    Depends what you use that gun for. I believe we all conscience, shall be conscious of that fact 😀

    • The entire discussion of racism is a convoluted mess, a pendulum
      swinging from one extreme to the other – the reality is that racism
      begins and ends with the individual, an incremental awareness and
      process of paying it forward whether this awareness and paying it
      forward are meant to instill or uproot.
      If that is correct the responsibility falls squarely on the shoulders
      of the individual, of parents, of “leaders” whether elected or imagined.
      Language can very much be a weapon, and there is a time and place for
      weapons, but language can also be a plow to cultivate and nourish what
      is beneficial.
      Depends on what you use it for just as you say.
      Knowing something of your person, ethnicity, and the history associated
      with it I’m sure you’re no stranger to racism and have incurred a wound
      or two along the way….stay strong.

  2. We think you will make some people angry in saying these words rezinate but
    we know this racism to, our people have known for many many years and you
    are right in the way you have said this.
    There is nothing to be angry or upset about in what you have said, it is the truth
    and if this truth angers anyone they have the problem and maybe should take
    the little time to think about it.
    We will not have our little ones treated in such a way and we will not have the
    double standard where they can call any of our people or their brothers a skin.
    It is as you say the responsibility of parents and the individual.
    It is good see Stonefeather speak again.

    • Well, I’m inclined to speak what I think and believe and not
      given to attempting to wrap it up all nice and pretty. I believe
      what I said is true, if it offends then so be it, and any who
      may take offense are welcome to point out where they believe
      I have offended them as that wasn’t my intention – I’m more than
      willing to listen to reason and correct any shortcoming.
      Yeah, stonefeather, a long time silent but always something
      meaningful to say.

    • Life hasn’t rounded all the rough edges off of me yet, it may in fact
      have added a few, but dog in the fight or not I think a person must
      have misunderstood what I said or eager to take offense if they did
      get angry or are a full blown racist.
      Either way the offer stands – if offense was taken tell me it about.
      So far no one has expressed anger or offense so kind of a moot point.

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