2 comments on “EVEN “FUNNIER”

  1. Damn straight! I’m not even going to address at this point the U.S. Government’s role in this. Anyone with half a brain should know what they’re capable of whether they choose to admit it or (most likely) not.

    I’d rather see dialogue among the Nations about those among us who use & abuse us in their quest to further their own ill-gotten gains. Pipe carriers, healers, shAIM/gangs, tribal councils, non-profits and whoever or whatever else is blowing smoke up our collective asses. We’re way overdue in the cleaning of our own backyard and our existence hinges on confronting the bad and making sure we celebrate the positives that happen in the past, present and future.

    What up NDN country? Ready to deal with the realities in an honest way or are you content to sit back and let a few others define us as people?

    • Well said Wade, nothing changes until the internal issues
      are addressed, in fact things will only get worse if they
      Our backyard first….to segue a little since Clyde is
      attempting to present himself as the clarion of the
      seventh generation and CIE’s “focus” is on our youth to
      the extent of ignoring the crimes and negative influence
      of AIM I wonder if yet another turf war is looming, one
      of those I’m more ndn than you sort of things?

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