2 comments on “NONE CAN BREATHE

  1. Looked at the links. Cathy Elliott was very good, George Marshall was Ok but a little rough and Arlo Guthrie’s legacy is still intact. The overwhelming majority of law enforcement wants nothing more than to do their jobs professionally, serve the public and go home to their families at night. There are a few who make poor decisions in the heat of the moment and have to deal with the consequences.

    Went to CPD, Officer Sonny Kim’s wake. When confronted, Officer Kim first went for his taser…the subject pulled a gun and it put Kim on the ground, then the subject pushed aside Kim’s BP vest and shot him dead, grabbed Kim’s gun and engaged the next officer who showed up, who was able to stop him. You can’t legislate out the crazy ones. The subject would have killed the first cop on the scene after he made the 911 call about a belligerent black male with a gun; it didn’t matter what cop showed up. Just happened to be an Asian-American officer. Yet in the middle of all the “debate” (in quotes) on gun control, no one talks about the dozen people a week killed in Chicago.

    • There indeed are a growing number of “crazies” out there, and no one can
      justify Kim’s murder on any grounds anymore than a “suspect” being shot
      in the back, a car riddled with over a hundred bullets and two dead
      occupants, or anyone being gang beaten and choked to death.
      A part of the solution I believe is for communities to set standards,
      to “police” themselves in a manner of speaking, but if cops want to
      do their job in a “professional” manner they too need to set standards
      within departmental communities and be as proactive in addressing them
      as they are any other crimes – gangs and a gang mentality have no place
      in law enforcement or communities.
      The reality is that all get painted with the same brush, that alone should
      be incentive enough to turn the page.

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