6 comments on “EGGPLANT

  1. Yours look awfully happy!!! I’m only into my second season of achieving eggplant as I haven’t been particularly lucky with them in the past. Wish me luck! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I tend to think they’ve been “socialized” due to the amount of
      attention the garden receives.
      Grandfather sings to the garden each morning and in fact whenever
      he is tending to it, a favorite pastime of his and very much a
      communal effort.
      We also give thanks to the garden as a whole and to individual
      plants when harvesting from them – that isn’t to say we hold
      long conversations or expect a verbal response, more along the line
      of seeing a rose and commenting on it’s beauty.
      Some may think that a quaint expression of animism but for us it more
      than that, and a formula that has worked for indigenous nations who have
      historically been involved in agriculture whether planting and harvesting
      or gathering.
      A recognition that all things live and prosper best when an effort is
      made to keep that in mind and maintain a balance.
      Gardening like anything else is a learning process that at times
      involves trial and error – I’m sure you’ll do well with your
      understanding that plants like people and all living things have the
      ability to be “happy”.

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