1. Had to look that one up (glossolalia). Can’t disagree except for the capitalism part that is always troubling for your positions. Of course, it has issues and problems, but so far, no other system has worked and survived. There’s no magic pot of gold at the end of the rainbow that everyone can take from and live happily ever after. Global turmoil, power struggles, people who hate just for the sake of hating. It’s all pretty much a big mess and the end that’s in sight…soon…doesn’t look good for the Nations or anyone else.

    • I haven’t an issue per se with Capitalism, there’s nothing wrong with
      making a fair profit, but when quality declines, prices escalate, jobs
      are exported in the name of increasing the profit margin, and government
      has become a corporatocracy that is capitalism on steroids, everyone
      should have a problem with that.
      With finite resources, increasing demand, wealth and influence held by
      a miniscule percentage of the population things can only get worse.
      For minorities, those working for minimum wage, and the dwindling
      middle class harder times are coming and why I believe it is critical
      that the nations make every effort to become self reliant.
      An element of economics is the ability to enter into trade agreements,
      if the treaties truly were the “supreme law of the land” as has been
      said, if we were a sovereign people as they also have stated we would
      have the ability to do this, sever the ties of dependency and enter
      into a new era.
      Instead we along with the majority of the world’s population find
      ourselves in the midst of a global feudalism that will only intensify.

      • More than troubling and I can’t really disagree. There are many reasons why (seems that way anyway) that all the durable goods (mostly poorly made) come from China, India , the Philippines, even Viet Nam. It’s not just greed of the one-percenters causing that problem.

        We (U.S.) are not independent anymore…the global economy is the interrelated mess we’re all in…and now, we’re on the brink of another (actually already in it), Cold War crisis. You’re a baby boomer (I’m at the very beginning of that generation…matter of fact…made the local papers as the first GI War Bride baby…mother was from Wales…born in the Bronx). Remember very clearly the duck-and-cover drills in elementary school and the bomb shelter lunacy. If one goes off, it won’t make any difference. But, if the likes of Persia (the ancient power of the middle-east), Iran, gets nuclear capability…unlike the USSR, with some sense of the ultimate destruction…they will use it…first one aimed squarely at Israel.

        While, we repeat history; Chamberlain and peace in our time. The world saw where that went.

        Autonomy and treaties honored is what the Nations need…but history already showed how that turned out as well. Not too well…

      • While I agree that a global economy exists I don’t believe that has
        to translate to creating an economic mess in this country – this global
        economy is controlled by a very few when you consider the world population
        is in excess of seven billion people and their focus is on maximizing profit.
        As to Iran the continuing moving back of “deadlines” to reach an agreement
        and Iran’s taking more and more off the table puts the lie to the bad deal
        is better than no deal this administration is attempting to float.
        Obama like all presidents at the end of their term wants to enhance his
        legacy, apparently he believes claiming a deal has been reached is a vehicle
        to achieve that, when in reality all it will have accomplished is to kick
        the can down the road.
        I view his efforts to promote “fast track” trade agreements as recompense to
        his corporate sponsors.The truth of the matter is there hasn’t been an
        equitable trade agreement the U.S. has entered into in the last three or four
        decades and probably longer, fast track isn’t any different, it is dessert served
        to corporations.
        What is left is for people to forget the my party or nothing mindset, start
        holding elected officials responsible and take back the government and the
        countries future.
        In the interim as nations we will sit on the sidelines as we always have
        and be dragged along for better or worse.
        In the midst of AIM’s invasion known as WK2, George McGovern, one of the most
        liberal politicians of his or any other generation made the statement that
        there was no such thing as sovereign nations within the U.S. – I look at that
        in the context of there isn’t any hope that any politician will back such an
        That the gulags will continue and the end game is what it has always been to
        address the “ndn problem” – if you can’t get rid of them then assimilate them
        out of existence while rez life winnows them down.
        China routinely thumbs it’s nose at the U.S., routinely hacks government
        computers,the reward for this is to import more junk and bestow a favored
        nation trade status upon them for one reason, increased corporate profits.
        It will all hit the fan soon and then the next round of finger pointing
        will begin while again the emphasis will be on rescuing those “too big to
        fail” entities and to hell with the working class.

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