1. I’ve heard a variety of proposed solutions related to
    campaign reform, they seem to focus on send some money
    and we’ll start our own super pac to counter other super
    pacs…..sounds a little like an arms race doesn’t it?
    Usually this involves those who propose such plans being
    involved in the decision making process, the dispensing
    of funds, and some high profile position – so in a way it’s
    kind of about them.
    I generally tend to appreciate those who do a good thing and
    aren’t interested in promoting themselves or being lionized,
    but not so much their counterparts.
    Such a plan might have the potential to work but could also take
    an extended period of time, another factor could be how much
    the required “membership fee”/ donation is.
    If there is no set amount then once again those who donate
    the most would expect some sort of accompanying influence.
    I’m sure everyone pretty much agrees money is the problem,
    throwing more at it might not be the best approach because it’s
    difficult to imagine corporations and one percenters being
    All of which leads me to believe that holding politicians feet to the
    fire with a national referendum accompanied by a petition signed
    by every voter who believes reform is needed, massive demonstrations,
    and an irrevocable pledge that any politician who opposes public
    financing will be voted out of office regardless of who they are or
    think they are and I suspect it would be a done deal.
    If this expulsion led to one of your favorites being given the boot so
    How “good” could they be if they opposed reform? More to the point
    whoever succeeded them would in all likelihood be more attentive
    to the voice of their constituents – so it would become a win win
    This of course hinges on whether people are willing to do something
    more than talk, whether they’re willing to get up off their butt and
    figuratively put their money where their mouth is.
    Which leads us to another major problem in this country – the internet
    pundit who has all the solutions to all the problems and not a single
    one them requires turning the computer off or breaking a sweat.
    I’ve been in the streets on more than one occasion, I’ve put my physical
    presence where my mouth was and ready to do so again.
    How about you?

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