4 comments on “THE LESTER A. DINE 105 F2.8 MACRO LENS

  1. Very interesting and cool for the purist. Since you’re not a dedicated pixel peeper then do you do your own developing and printing as well or are there still places that handle real film?

    • I have access to developing equipment through friends in town
      and film is actually making something of a resurgence with a
      couple of new companies whose focus is manufacturing film.
      Most photo printing shops will convert film negatives to digital
      files, then people can “develop” them using software editing
      programs or print/post as they are.
      Adapters allowing the use of lenses produced during the film
      era on digital cameras allows a person the best of both worlds.
      You can purchase an adapter for as little as ten dollars or as
      high as hundreds – the ten dollar ones fill my needs and I
      run across them used at times for two or three dollars or acquire
      them in trades.
      In the photos there is an attached adapter on the Dine I traded an
      older camera strap for I don’t use – my trade partner got something
      they wanted and could use as did I, doesn’t get any better.

  2. I just purchased the exact same model in mint condition, almost………the distance ring can be rotated 360 degrees independently of the focus ring. But when the focus ring is turned, the distance ring turns with it. Has me dumbfounded – does you lens do this as well?

    • Not sure what you mean – on mine distance and focus operate
      jointly – my copy begins with serial numbers 189 and is a
      native Nikon mount though I have adapters for PK and Sony
      e mount.
      There’s more than one version of this lens though they are
      optically identical, maybe that’s the difference.
      Definitely a tripod mount lens that I am well satisfied with.
      I have a Pentax Takumar 300mm f4 modified to pk mount I
      favor a lot – it’s long and heavy, not a macro like the Dine, but
      worth checking out if you run across one.

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