1. The emerging emphasis now is one that attempts to skirt the issue of guilt – this is accomplished by asserting that forty years in prison is enough.
    I tend to view that as being a somewhat high handed approach as it is completely dismissive of the reality that Peltier’s victim(s) had their live(s) cut short – that everything they were, or could have been even to being there as a husband and father was taken from them, taken from their survivors.
    A difficult burden to lay not just on others but children as well.
    Peltier is as deserving of sympathy or compassion as a wart is – he set the stage and chose the direction his life would take – the responsibility and guilt are inescapably his.

    • Of note to me is Dunne doesn’t address the issue of
      guilt opting instead to promote the “healing” theory.
      One might want to ask the question of Dunne how does one
      stay within an organization for 28 years that is so abusive,
      indifferent? What are the mechanics that lead to such
      Yeah it’s all about healing the nations via the vehicle
      of release for Peltier…if it were only that simple.
      A freed Peltier would somehow heal the wounds of five
      plus centuries, would mitigate the poverty, rid the
      nations of toxic mold infections in the homes where
      children are being raised, of ground water pollution,
      gangs would disappear,alcohol and substance abuse would no
      longer exist, dietary related illness would vanish,
      the myriad crimes AIM committed would be undone, the
      Wounded Knee Museum they pillaged and burned to the
      ground would be restored, the relics and artifacts they
      stole would be recovered, Ray Robinson, Annie Mae, and
      victims laying in unmarked graves would be resurrected,
      Joe Stuntz and Buddy Lamont would be alive – Buddy Lamont,
      murdered in an AIM flop house in Nebraska after being called
      as a witness in a case against AIM member Stanley Neptune.
      A freed Peltier would somehow translate to a cure for the
      rampant marketing and corruption of traditional ceremonies by
      individuals like Leonard Crow Dog and Dennis Banks, perhaps
      even effect a cure for that “paranoia” that “drove” AIM to
      murder their own people, to steal from them and focus not
      on the systemic misery but seek to profit from it as the
      blatant poverty pimps they have always been, the nations
      women wouldn’t be the statistical leader when it comes to
      rape and abuse.
      Peltier’s own words stand both as a revelation and an indictment,
      no amount of romanticism alters that – the five hundred plus
      years of Manifest Destiny stands as an indictment against
      every administration, policy, and agency that has ever represented
      the government of this country – freeing a murderer known as
      Dumb as Dirt among his cohorts based upon a cobbled together myth
      would be small recompense.
      In the spirit of Crazy Horse? I think not, rather in the spirit
      of Custer has been the way of it.
      It is the truth, all of it, that lends itself to the beginning of
      a process of healing even while at times opening old wounds or inflicting
      new ones.
      So now let the Peltierites respond, let them ignore the obvious
      discrepencies within the myth as is their way and opt for the
      truth seeking intellectualism of thoughtful rebuttals such as “hater” and
      “sellout” that rolls off the back of truth like water on a ducks back.

      And so SB as the stalwart, unwavering advocate for truth and justice
      you purport to be, and if access to ICT hasn’t been curtailed for
      previous events, copy and paste this in the comments related to the
      article and let’s get the ball rolling.
      If and when that ball begins to roll stand your ground and answer the
      hard questions rather than running from them as has been your signature way.
      I’ve even included the link to facilitate things for you.


  2. Quit sniveling and complaining SB, the only handicap you have is
    your pronounced inability and lack of desire to answer a direct
    If your position is the true one then post this blog in the comments
    at ICT as I suggested, gather some support which you are in desperate
    need of and let’s get to it.
    Or is it that like you no Pelterite is capable of answering the hard
    questions? Not a one of them is willing to admit to an inconvenient

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