1. They were already working for the gov’t., probably military, and their alleged handler, James Abourezk, told them when what where and why… full immunity and protection, so they never were afraid of snitches and tattlers and rattlers… including Anna Mae, they were afraid of their own protection becoming known, and the money laundering through certain places, the drugs, money, AIM, military… all intersecting with approval from the White House and their ‘special branches’ their special covert ops…the FBI has known all along, and they were told to shut-up, say nothing, do nothing…especially because David Hill was rotten and had blood on his hands, all while being an undercover snitch for the FBI… the FBI got caught in the trap as much as traditionals did, as much as good persons thinking AIM was real and good, as much as Anna Mae did, Perry Rae Robinson, and so many others over time… the CON is still in place until everyone gets the powerful lie, AIM was afraid of snitches… they were afraid, but not of the truth of their criminal behaviour, which was protected by their handler, and by the gov’t., probably military, but of how complicit and one with gov’t special ‘dept.’ their rule has been, and the offshore bank accounts they were supposed to manage, because nobody checks indians travelling and doing business…WAKE UP

    Kea Cannunpa Win

    • Animals don’t have an understanding about covering their tracks, I’m not
      sure if they even have an awareness of the potential implications.
      Not so with the two leggeds though, some more than others have an acute
      awareness for entirely nefarious reasons and they are the ones who employ
      all the tricks to escape criminal culpability.
      Since the inception of AIM as a criminal organization they have emphasized
      the necessity to do so and to exist in a perpetual state of being lawyered
      up in addition to what amounts to a sophisticated propaganda machine.
      The inherent problem with “immunity” as an undercover device are the
      perils of association and the sure knowledge that should it hit the fan
      it always travels omnidirectional – that’s what I believe the reality is
      between the government and AIM, that marriage made in hell that lends
      itself to an even greater immunity and the abuse of it.
      No sane person, no one who doesn’t exist in a perpetual state of denial
      should be incapable of connecting the dots, or at least agree that a very
      real potential that they exist cannot be discounted.
      As I’ve said before, I believe the truth, all of it, is not currently
      attainable, that it will fall to a future generation to discover and expose
      In the interim the strategy I suspect that is in place is one of the attrition
      of time – as time passes and the leadership exit the stage prosecution isn’t
      An impossibility that extends immunity.
      A simple, increasingly transparent, and effective formula ……mums the word,
      and official statements that the DOJ really isn’t interested in prosecuting
      old cases accompanied by a whimper that well yes, AIM did kill Annie and Ray.
      Since there will be no further criminal prosecutions I’d like to see some
      civil cases brought against AIM and it’s leadership.
      In civil courts the rules of discovery and evidence are different and AIM would
      have a very difficult time of it – they would surely lose and be exposed.

  2. Like always is your way rezinate you give us many things to think about
    and look in other places.

  3. If it’s as Joan Heart says, that the FBI used their informants/operatives to commit crimes and then the “handlers,” protected them then it could only be inferred that the FBI themselves are the CRIMINAL organization. Would you agree yourself to this? If you’re going to say that there was complicity between AIM and the FED’S then the FED’s in turn are the ones that are MORE criminal. After bringing up Richard J. Held in a previous blog you let him off the hook by failing to post my follow up. I wonder why? Peltier’s 40 years of incarceration in real. Now don’t you think it is time for an FBI pig to pay for his crime? In the good faith of ” holding everyone accountable,”why don’t you do an extensive investigation of Held and see if you could uncover information as to who these “handlers,” were? Trimbach, Price, Wood( not Woods) although he wishes:

    • I think you and others might be surprised at the extent
      of research myself and friends have done – that is the
      basis of my position that all with any level of complicity
      need to be held to account.
      At the same time those with the greatest guilt when it
      comes to murder are those who those commit the actual murder
      themselves – AIM authorized the murder of their victims,
      if you can prove otherwise then you should since you would prefer
      people only concern themselves with those who authorize rather
      than those who commit.
      Authorizing something means nothing if there isn’t someone to pull
      the trigger – I could “authorize” you to do any number of things,
      but if you didn’t follow through it’s meaningless.
      If on the other hand you did then guilt accrues to me as well, yet
      by law or any ethical standard the perpetrator has the majority guilt
      and that’s the way it should be.
      Calling for accountability is not an effort to absolve anyone, that’s
      the approach you and AIM have taken, to minimize the role of murderers
      and absolve them.
      A simple question – if someone was ordered to kill a family member of
      yours and the only option available at the time was to hold the shooter
      accountable or the one who gave the order who would you opt for?
      Would you choose the one who gave the order or the one who took
      the life? Is the life more important or the order?
      I don’t believe there is a single government or any of their
      agencies anywhere on the face of this planet that hasn’t committed
      crimes – it seems to go hand in hand with the acquisition of
      But that’s also true of “movements” like AIM – they begin committing
      crimes and the next step is murder in an effort to insure their
      own safety.
      My positions are well known – I want the shooters and any who
      engage in the physical act of murder to be given priority, when they
      fall a domino effect will lead to those who authorized, covered
      up, or facilitated being exposed and then they can be dealt with.
      Strategies like lying about a “pair of old boots”, a non existent
      “invasion map”, Mr. X, or it “FELT like Price admitted in court
      he had threatened Annie” have nothing to do with seeking justice,
      they are an attempt to obstruct.
      And speaking of extensive research you might consider doing a
      little of that yourself in lieu of the party line – you could begin
      with boots, maps, Mr.X, and feelings, and then let me known what
      conclusions you arrive at.
      You’re big on skating around the issue of AIM’s murders, so I ask you
      directly do you deny they have committed murders?
      Do you deny that Mr. X was a blatant and infantile lie? Do you deny
      the following quote are Peltier’s own words, or care to offer a reason why
      Peltier believed they were coming to arrest him, why he feels the need to
      be “careful” about admitting such things?
      “Especially in this system, I can’t tell the system I was shooting at their
      police officers that WERE TRYING TO ARREST ME. They’ll hold that against me.
      Do you deny that Peltier went on for years about what a standup guy X was and
      it was all the truth? Or that he didn’t actually shoot at the agents but only
      in their general direction? Do you deny Peltier lied about never being at
      the agents car until Robideau busted him and he admitted it in a video taped
      Do you believe Peltier is “more” responsible for the death that occurred
      during his escape from Lompoc since he “authorized” the escape? If not then
      your entire “greater guilt” theory goes out the window doesn’t it?
      Will you deny he interrogated Annie at gunpoint, or that a year earlier he
      and the same crew of Robideau and Butler likewise interrogated Minnie Two
      Will you deny Dennis Banks is caught on tape ordering Chris Westerman to
      dispose of Perry Ray Robinson jrs. body?
      Will you deny that Annie was abducted and murdered by AIM?
      Do you deny that by the very standard they imposed on others that Russell
      Means and Dave Hill are “snitches”? Is it possible as snitches and minions
      their “handlers” ordered them to commit murder and they followed through?
      Isn’t it funny how AIM and Peltier will label every truth spoken about them a
      lie and all who do liars and yet expect people to believe proven pathological
      liars like themselves? How exactly does that work?
      I don’t expect you to actually answer any of these questions, it would be ground
      breaking if you did, but you make a mistake in believing those who read this blog
      are so naive they won’t notice you always fail to.
      As to Wood, like I’ve said previously, provide a single instance of his presence
      at WK2 and I’ll be on it. If you can’t then you’re blowing smoke again.
      COINTEL was an absolute travesty, an injustice perpetrated upon an entire
      “democratic” country, no less so than NSA programs like PRISM – but then
      as far as I know none of the AIM leadership or their hit squads belong to
      COINTEL or PRISM, I could be wrong about that though, but even if they did or
      do that still doesn’t absolve actual shooters or murderers.
      Just so you know, if you plan to sidestep the questions and instead post a bunch
      of links about OKC and everything else under the sun don’t bother, answers make
      it through, not tap dancing.

      “A simple question – if someone was ordered to kill a family member of yours and
      the only option available at the time was to hold the shooter accountable OR the
      one who gave the order who would you opt for?
      Would you choose the one who gave the order or the one who took the life? Is the
      life more important or the order?

      Having asked this I think it’s something readers should ask themselves as well.

      And that filling out form after form, surrendering more and more personal information
      on various sites just to post a comment is bs as you say.
      I won’t jump through those hoops either and don’t believe anyone should.

  4. They say the only certainties in life are death and taxes – I submit there
    is a third – that SB, just has he attempted to now with his latest response
    that won’t make it through will not answer a single question related to the
    guilt of AIM and Peltier nor admit to a single fact.
    But as I said, I expected nothing else.
    How shallow, how thin a foundation lacking of substance or credible purpose
    such a position must be to live in a state in constant denial.
    And so on to the next blog as attempting to find a shaimster or Peltierite who
    will isn’t much different than Diogenes quest to find an honest man.

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