1. Some times in the night we dance to the moon with a little dance we have made.
    It is like an offering and to say thank you and it is fun to.
    Some times we tease each other maybe we are vampires or the werewolf, but we
    do this dance because we know we are the children of all things above us and this
    land we walk on who is our mother.
    It is not the traditional dance for our people and we would not say it is.

    • Every leaf that moves, everything that stirs does this dance,
      and I think all mothers love to see their children dance and
      have fun.
      Vampires or werewolves? That’s funny, but I say women with a
      profound understanding and I think it speaks well of you to
      offer in this way, to understand the relationship of all things
      and attempt to express it.

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